Airoha's centimeter-level AI satellite positioning chip solution adopted by Segway

Press release, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Airoha Technology, a subsidiary of leading IC-design company MediaTek, announced on March 20 that its dual-frequency, multi-constellation satellite positioning chips, were adopted by Segway's Navimow i series robotic lawnmower. It is the only robotic lawnmower in the industry equipped with AI-assisted mapping functionality.

Segway incorporated Airoha Technology's chips leveraging the AG3335A's precise AI satellite positioning capabilities. AG3335A was the first Airoha AI chip adopted by the global robotics giant Segway two years ago. Its groundbreaking product, the Navimow i series robotic lawnmower featuring the EFLS 2.0: a vision-enhanced RTK positioning system and the AI assistant mapping functionality, is the industry's first and has hit the shelves after a global launch on March 1, 2024.

Airoha has been deeply engaged in the high-end Advanced Artificial Intelligence of Things sector for over two decades. It has crafted chips with centimeter-level high-precision RTK (Real Time Kinematic) satellite positioning capabilities widely used in commercial applications.

Yuchuan Yang, Airoha Technology's Senior Vice President expressed, "Our chip solutions are optimized for quick positioning, precise localization, and power efficiency. Through close collaboration with our clients, Airoha Technology aims to enhance the value of their products and accelerate their time-to-market."

Airoha's GNSS Chip delivers accurate position measurements in challenging scenarios such as under tree shade, around the external corners of buildings, and near various types of fencing where obstructions may cause satellite signal interference or weakening. With Segway's unique vision-enhanced mapping and high-precision algorithm technology, Segway seamlessly integrates and deploys these critical technologies into this innovative product. With years of experience in robotics development, Segway possesses a deep insight into end-user experience. And this is the most crucial aspect of the launch of this brand-new product.

Beyond the field of robotics, Airoha Technology's AI satellite positioning chip series is applicable in a variety of advanced, high-precision contexts, such as geomatics surveying, automated unmanned agricultural machinery, vehicle logistics tracking, and the operational management of shared mobility solutions like electric-assist bicycles and electric scooters.

Equipped with high-precision, "centimeter-level" positioning capabilities, these chips are set to advance revolutionary applications and services across various fields. Airoha Technology dedicates itself to technological innovation, transforming these advancements into valuable assets for a wide range of industries, and striving to become the most valuable partner for its clients.