Stanford University procures Kneron's edge GPT server, advancing smart education and AI research

Ines Lin, Taipei; Jerry Chen, DIGITIMES Asia 0


US-based AI Soc developing firm Kneron announced that Stanford has acquired their edge GPT server. The GPT server will support Standford's research in AI and data analytics. The team disclosed the product incorporates multiple Kneron stacked chips and has attracted 40 to 50 customers thus far.

In December 2023, Kneron, in collaboration with Alltek Technology, announced the launch of the Kneo 300 series edge GPT enterprise solution. This solution supports mainstream model architectures such as CNN and Transformer and can operate large models offline, catering to the customized needs of small businesses or individual departments.

Kneron stated that Stanford's recent acquisition of its GPT server product was to support its AI and data analytics research. While the actual quantity purchased by the university was not disclosed, Kneron emphasized that it represents a significant advancement in smart education.

Integrating the product into teaching at Stanford University is expected to enhance data processing efficiency and research output. It also holds promising prospects for emerging applications in smart education, autonomous driving, and healthcare. Compared to traditional centralized data processing models, edge AI servers enable real-time analysis and intelligent decision-making near the data source, significantly reducing transmission latency, traffic costs, and providing immediate feedback.

Kneron is headquartered in San Diego, USA, with offices in Taipei and Hsinchu, Taiwan, as well as Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hangzhou, and other cities in China.