Chenbro announces next-gen high-performance server chassis with latest Intel and AMD platforms

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With the global development of AI technology, there is a significant increase in demand for high-performance servers in both cloud computing and data center applications. Chenbro has proudly introduced next-generation server chassis solutions tailored for the latest Intel and AMD platforms to meet market demand. The cutting-edge enclosure solutions support cloud servers equipped with Gen5, providing a transmission speed twice as fast as Gen4 servers for achieving the highest levels of system performance. Additionally, Chenbro offers various hard-drive configuration options that support the complex growth of cloud-computing and hyper-scale data centers for customers worldwide.

Chenbro's customer-centric design concept prioritizes both technical and business requirements from the customer and market demand, offering unique and competitive server chassis products optimized for flexibility, scalability, reliability, and compatibility. Given the increasing operating temperatures of server processors, exceptional attention to thermal mechanisms in the design process is required. Tailor-made designs to Intel and AMD platforms, Chenbro optimizes airflow channels and offers the option to incorporate liquid cooling modules based on requirements. This meticulous chassis design ensures highly stable and reliable server deployment.

Chenbro's RB151 and RB251 T-shaped (Eagle Stream) barebone servers are pre-installed with Intel motherboards, powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to support highly demanding cloud computing applications. The RM151 and RM251 L-shaped server chassis products are compatible with Intel Eagle Stream and AMD Genoa platform designs for big-data computing workloads. Unlike traditional square motherboard versions, the RB151/RB251 series with a T-shaped board and the RM151/RM251 series with an L-shaped board utilize proprietary motherboards. Both series are now available for global partners.

RB151/RB251 T-shaped Series for Mainstream Storage, Enterprise Workloads and Cloud Demands

The RB151/RB251 T-Shaped barebone series is designed to make Intel's latest Eagle Stream platform available, supporting the 4th Gen Xeon Scalable CPU (Sapphire Rapids) for significant computing performance. It offers flexible I/O options, diverse storage choices, and high reliability. The T-shaped motherboard design, with power configurations on both sides, enhances thermal performance compared to standard models.

The RB151/RB251 T-Shaped (Eagle Stream) barebone series offers customers and partners 1U and 2U form factors. The RB25124 model is designed for enterprise workloads, computing projects, and cloud services. It has an Intel server motherboard supporting up to two 4th Gen Xeon Scalable processors and 32 DDR5 memory slots. The RB25124 supports up to 24 hot-swap 2.5-inch SAS/SATA hard drives at the front for extensive data storage. Users can enhance performance by replacing them with 24 hot-swap NVMe Gen4 SSDs. Customization services include mixed installations of SAS/SATA/NVMe Gen4 interfaces. It also features six high-performance fans in the middle section and two redundant 2000W power modules at the rear. The backplane supports data stream expansion cards compliant with OCP specifications.

As for 1U barebone, the RB15112 model is designed to be equipped with the same motherboard and fan configurations as the RB25124. The RB15112 accommodates 12 SAS/SATA interface HDDs or 12 NVMe Gen4 interface SSDs in the front and features 1+1 redundant 1600W power modules with backup mechanisms in the rear of the server.

RM151/RM251 L-shaped Series to Meet Different Application Needs

The RM151/RM251 L-shaped server chassis series suits Intel Eagle Stream and AMD Genoa platforms. The RM15104, RM15112, RM25112, and RM25124 are designed with different storage configurations. The RM15104 supports 4 hot-swap 3.5-inch SAS/SATA interface HDDs, while the RM15112 accommodates 12 hot-swap 2.5-inch NVMe Gen4 interface SSDs. Both have a rear section with a redundant 1600W power supply.

Moving to the 2U chassis, the RM25112 can handle 12 hot-swap 3.5-inch SAS/SATA/NVMe Gen 4 interface HDDs, and the RM25124 is designed for 24 hot-swap 2.5-inch NVMe Gen4 SSDs, equipped with high-efficiency 1+1 redundant, 1600W power supplies. The RM151/RM251 series is an ideal choice for complex business-critical workloads. It is engineered for maximum compute-to-storage density requirements, including enterprise workloads and compute-intensive and data-intensive workloads for cloud requirements.

Embracing Flexibility and Compatibility to Develop Server Enclosure Solutions

The RB151/RB251 T-shaped and RM151/RM251 L-shaped series effectively bring sufficient storage capacity for faster and more advanced computing applications for enterprise and cloud requirements. Additionally, Chenbro offers customization services to customers with a mix of storage configurations, allowing users to strike an optimal balance between cost, capacity, and performance.

Chenbro introduced the "Reference Motherboard Program" years ago to address motherboard compatibility. The program collaborates with global motherboard partners and conducts pre-testing and verification to ensure the chassis integrates seamlessly with various motherboards and processors. This streamlined program offers customers a more convenient and rapid service, contributing to a mutually beneficial situation.

With the growing global focus on ESG issues, major technology giants like Intel and NVIDIA have unveiled new-generation platforms for green data centers, such as DC-MHS, OCSP, and MGX. Chenbro is actively collaborating with global customers and partners to develop a next-generation server chassis aligning with these new standards to accelerate time to market in server deployment with eco-friendly practices.

RB151/RB251 T-shaped Series for Mainstream Storage, Enterprise Workloads and Cloud Demands

RB151/RB251 T-shaped Series for Mainstream Storage, Enterprise Workloads and Cloud Demands

RB151/RB251 T-shaped Series for Mainstream Storage, Enterprise Workloads and Cloud Demands

The RM151/RM251 L-shaped server chassis series suits Intel Eagle Stream and AMD Genoa platforms