CES 2024: HTC launches Vive Full Facial Tracker, redefining XR expression

Max Wang, Taipei; Vyra Wu, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: HTC

In response to the burgeoning demand for precision in AR/VR device localization, HTC has unveiled the Vive Ultimate Tracker, an innovation enabling gamers to achieve autonomous tracking without dependence on external base stations or devices.

During CES 2024, HTC made another significant announcement, introducing the "Vive Full Facial Tracker" kit aimed at developers and businesses. This new addition, meticulously crafted for the Vive XR Elite and supporting OpenXR, delivers nuanced tracking of eyes, mouth, and facial features. With a user-friendly USB Type-C plug-and-play design, the tracker boasts a tracking rate exceeding 60Hz.

Capturing up to 38 distinct facial blend shapes, including lips, teeth, tongue, cheeks, nose, and chin, the Vive Full Facial Tracker enhances the immersive expression of emotions and facial gestures in VR environments. Real-time synchronization of spoken words with corresponding facial expressions and mouth movements adds to its appeal.

HTC's design philosophy for this product involves the incorporation of infrared dual-tracking cameras for eye-tracking technology. These cameras not only capture eye gaze direction but also meticulously measure pupil size, position, and eye-opening degree at a remarkable 120Hz tracking speed.

Additionally, the tracker features an automatic user interpupillary distance (IPD) detection function. This facilitates seamless sharing of the head-mounted device among multiple users, eliminating the need for manual IPD adjustments with each user change.

HTC underscores the potential impact of this product, anticipating its relevance across diverse domains such as gaming, training, healthcare, and beyond. The Vive Full Facial Tracker is poised to catalyze innovation for animators, researchers, and content developers, heralding a new era in the application of XR technology.