Global top 5 notebook brands combined shipments rise in November and December, says DIGITIMES Research

Jim Hsiao, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


The global top 5 notebook brands, not including Apple, saw their combined shipments in November rise 10% from October, while those of the top 3 ODMs also enjoyed growth at a similar level, according to DIGITIMES Research's figures from the global notebook shipment update report for November.

Among the top 5 brands, Hewlett-Packard (HP) had the highest on-month growth at over 46% in November, followed by Acer at around 10%, while Lenovo and Asustek Computer suffered an on-month decline. Dell's November shipments were flat from a month ago.

According to the report's figures, the top brands' November shipments all achieved growth with their combined volumes rising more than 19% year-on-year.

On the contrary, the top 3 ODMs together only managed to get a flat on-year performance in November shipments, dipping less than 1%. Quanta Computer was the only ODM within the top three to witness an on-year decline, but it was also the key contributor in the on-month shipment growth of the top ODMs in November.

For December, the top notebook brands are expected to continue enjoying a ramp-up in their combined shipments. Dell is the only brand to be undermined by an on-month decline.

Digitimes Research treats detachable notebook products as tablets. Convertible notebooks with undetachable keyboards are considered notebooks.