Healthcare Expo Taiwan - Wincomm with Brain Navi demo leading 3D brain navigation surgical robot

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Wincomm with Brain Navi demo leading 3D brain navigation surgical robot

In 2023, Intel announced a new achievement on AI-empowered advancing precision medicine and Wincomm was invited to demonstrate AI-based brain surgical and GI endoscopy solutions to our TW partners, Brain Navi.

Leveraging Intel's 13th-generation processor benefits to best suit edge AI workloads, this medical AI all-in-one-panel PC series, WMP-22S, provides an excellent performance with an integrated MXM graphic card to achieve 3D surgical model planning in real time but power efficient. Moreover, to shorten 3D modeling building time, Brain Navi requested more sensor connections to compute during the operation procedure, and thus Wincomm designed WPC-789, a medical grade edge server, to install inside this brain navigation surgical robot, NaoTrac. Now it has successfully passed the TFDA and CE marks and is installed in several hospitals in Taiwan.

The NaoTrac Brain Navigation Robot employs intracranial navigation positioning technology, utilizing a precision mechanical arm to assist surgeons during brain surgeries. It accurately establishes the relative positions of the patient, navigation robot, and instruments. NaoTrac then aids surgeons in planning the surgical pathway from the entry point to the target lesion. This ensures effective, safe, and precise clinical localization for neurosurgical procedures, reducing the risks of surgical bleeding and neural damage. The technology platform utilized by NaoTrac is based on Brain Navi Biotech's in-house developed 3D feature map automatic alignment technology. This solution supports real-time AI transcriptions to ensure accurate and effortless data entry.

Welcome to visit Wincomm at Intel Booth No. L106 during Healthcare EXPO Taiwan, TW, from Nov 30 to Dec 3, 2023, at the Nangang Hall 4F, Taipei.

About Wincomm

Wincomm is one of Taiwan's leading manufacturers of industrial computer and embedded computer products. Wincomm designs and develops all-in-one panel PCs, rugged box PCs, and embedded software products for a broad range of industries and applications. Wincomm aims to provide hardware and software integrated solutions for the most variant environments such as industrial automation, human-machine interface control, infotainment Kiosks, and medical computing.

About Brain Navi

Founded in 2015 in Taiwan, Brain Navi mainly focuses on designing and developing surgical robots and medical devices that can assist surgeons during their medico-surgical interventions. Brain Navi works with outstanding doctors, researchers, and developers in Taiwan to combine technical and clinical application experience and develop products driven by demand. Vision - Make Surgery Precise, Make Life Bright Mission of Brain Navi - We develop innovative navigation and robotic techniques for surgeons to improve accuracy, streamline surgical procedures, and reduce the learning curve.