iCatch Technology's Vi57 Series SoC achieves Arm PSA certified security certification

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iCatch Technology is pleased to announce the official approval of PSA (Platform Security Architecture) Certification Level 1 on the Vi57 series SoC. This certification, conducted through collaboration between ARM and a trusted third-party security lab, confirms that the design of the SoC, along with the device and software, complies with IoT threat models. It not only ensures the establishment of robust security measures, but also enhances the overall security strength from chip-level to system-level.


Source: psacertified

The Vi57 series SoC is iCatch Technology's cutting-edge AI image processing solution platform. It is designed for applications like home security camera, facial recognition access control systems, dashcams, video conference cameras, and various IoT scenarios. For the privacy and security concerns, iCatch Technology has especially improved the security features of the Vi57 series SoC to prevent potential misuse of private image data, highlighting the company's commitment to information security and user privacy.

Weber Hsu, CEO of iCatch Technology, shared, "Over the years, our company has worked closely with major home security vendors and surveillance professionals in North America to keep on strengthening product security and alleviating end-consumers' concerns about information security. The pass of Arm PSA Certified certification validates iCatch Technology's dedication and breakthroughs in product development, further building confidence among customers and consumers on iCatch products."

The Vi57 series SoC features state-of-the-art AI machine-vision and image processing capabilities, coupled with a robust Security Engine that performs encryption on firmware and video streaming data. iCatch Technology also provides a user-friendly software development kit which can assist customers with swift implementation and expedite time-to-market. Currently in mass production, the Vi57 series SoC has received widespread acclaim. For more details about the Vi57 series SoC, please visit the company's website link. For business inquiries, please feel free to reach out to .