MEAN WELL's latest power supply is set to impress at 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn 2023

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MEAN WELL, the leading global supplier of Standard Power Supply (SPS), announces it will be participating in the 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition and showcasing its latest XLN series and theXLC series Compact Size LED Drivers, of which the power current output can be adjusted through NFC configuration. The company will also display an upgraded version of the XLG series with tunable digital light adjustments and new DALI-2 features, the LCM-40TW series of DT8 LED power supply driver, and the DC Centralized Bus Lighting Solutions. Visitors of the Lighting Fair will experience firsthand the systemic perfection of MEAN WELL's DALI and KNX lighting solutions.

New product alert: XLN series and the XLC series Compact Size LED Drivers

Before it officially goes to the market in November 2023, MEAN WELL's latest XLN and XLC series of miniature interior LED driver power supply will be shown at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. The new products have plastic coverings designed for Class II/2 and dual insulation. They are suitable for both interior lighting and commercial lighting with outstanding characteristics, including a constant power output, tunable power adjustments through NFC on the MEAN WELL App, 3-in-1 digital light adjustments, DALI-2, and other light adjustments through KNX, Bluetooth, Matter, and so on.


MEAN WELL XLN and XLC series miniature interior LED driver power supply, featuring Class II/2 and dual insulation design and suitable for both interior lighting and commercial lighting

The XLN series are all wire types, and the XLC series are terminals either with a side covering (which makes them wire types) or without a side covering. Rex Lin, the product manager of MEAN WELL's Product Strategy Center, said the new series is meant to satisfy the diverse needs of MEAN WELL's customers. Miniature lighting, for example, requires an independent power supply due to the lack of space for an internal power supply and the need to meet regulations and make repairs. The new series ensures user safety and product quality by complying with IEC 61347 and UL 8750 specifications for lighting.

DALI-2 features for higher product compatibility

MEAN WELL highlights the new DALI-2 features of its tunable XLG power supply series, allowing its customers to integrate with smart lighting controls. DALI, which stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is an international protocol for digital lighting controls in compliance with IEC 62386. As the DiiA association continues to work on new specifications of DALI-2 applications, the protocol provides clear and thorough specifications.


MEAN WELL XLG power supply series covers constant current or voltage lighting applications, providing IP67 water-proof, 3-in-1 light adjustments, DALI-2 digital light adjustments functionalities for customers to perform integration on their smart lighting control systems.

"Standardization has brought many benefits. As of today, all products aligned with the DALI-2 protocol are compatible and interchangeable. That has solved many incompatibility issues we used to see," Lin said.

While complying with the latest safety requirements, the XLG-DA2 series provides distinctive pairing applications with constant current or voltage lighting. With iron coverings, they allow for systemic integrations of DALI light controls with different types of interior and exterior LED lightings and are pairable with constant current lightings, such as streetlamps and projection lights, and constant-voltage light strips at 12V, 24V, and 48V.

Tunable color temperature for a user-centric experience

Besides DT6 LED light control, MEAN WELL is adding DT8 features to the LCM-40TW series, aiming to create a more human-centric user experience. In compliance with the DALI association's IEC 62386-209 (DT8) standards, the series provides an automatic tunable color temperature based on users' lifestyles. The new feature makes lighting a part of the users' lives, creates a high-end ambiance, and helps improve users' wellness and work efficiency.

The LCM-40TW series has two output circuits for two sets of LED lights with different color temperatures. They can pair with multiple power currents falling within 500 to 1050 mA. In addition, the series can change the color temperature of the lighting through DALI ports. Users can change the color temperature with a push button without connecting the lighting to a DALI master cable.

Seamless integration of the DC Centralized Bus Lighting Solutions

At the 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition, visitors can experience MEAN WELL's smart DC Centralized Bus Lighting Solutions integrated with DALI or KNX lighting systems. Designed for interior lighting, the DC Centralized Bus Lighting Solutions reduces power waste and saves power costs for users. The installation costs of the overall lighting system are also significantly lower.

Tony Hsieh, Section Manager of MEAN WELL's Technical Service Center, said his team has completed many successful use cases over the years. For example, a boutique watch store at the Taipei 101 shopping mall has adopted DALI digital lighting. As demand for green buildings and carbon-neutral operations increases, MEAN WELL's distributors have contacted many property developers to expand sales of the solution, according to Hsieh. He pointed out that the remote software configurations of MEAN WELL's products make the set-up of lights, groups, scenarios, and sequences much easier and faster.

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