ADLINK adopts AUO Display Plus rugged display panels to deliver industrial-grade HMIs with high performance and stability

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IoT applications are expanding in scope now that the technology has matured. Industrial computers that form a key part of the IoT network architecture must also continue to evolve in response to workflows and operating environments in different scenarios. The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that serves as the bridge between users and devices requires high stability, high compatibility, and high tolerance. These attributes are essential to fulfilling system introduction goals such as improved performance and reduced costs. Industry veteran ADLINK supplies total solutions for HMI. In response to market demands, rugged display panels from AUO Display Plus have now been adopted to supply customers with HMI products that combine quality and reliability.

AI Drives Need Reliable Processing Power and Fast Data Transfers Over Extended Periods

Smart technology is now sweeping through global industries bringing new advances to HMI functionality. Derrick Tu, Business Development Manager of the Edge Visualization BU at ADLINK, states, "Edge computing is a product of AI technology and IoT. Industrial-grade tablets and displays need the ability to provide reliable processing power and fast data transfers over extended periods of time. System integration requirements have also emerged from large machines in factories and self-service kiosks in retail stores, leading to a growing emphasis on compatibility and expandability on a functional level." Certain fields have ruggedization and tolerance requirements due to their environments. Manufacturing equipment requires a wide temperature tolerance, as well as dust and vibration resistance. Medical fields involve frequent disinfection and require grime resistance.

ADLINK has developed a complete portfolio of industrial-grade displays targeted at the above requirements ranging from 7" to 43" in size. Two more 32" and 43" large form-factor displays and the 4:3 aspect ratio were also introduced this year to satisfy the requirements of different customer applications.

ADLINK Offers Products-as-a-Service with Flexible Specifications for Different Applications

For touch industrial tablet PCs, ADLINK released an open tablet PC that supports customer customization of processing power, touch control display type, and I/O interface. ADLINK's proprietary Function Module supports customer-defined device functions and I/O. The ADLINK tablet-to-tablet connector guarantees compatibility between smart tablets. ADLINK will soon unveil models featuring a stainless-steel housing with M12 waterproof connectors, a fully flat fanless design, and compliance with the IP69K standard for full water, dust, and corrosion resistance. The unit can be hosed down with hot water, making it suitable for industries that require a clean production environment.

Diversification of HMI Requirements See ADLINK Partner with AUO Display Plus to Build the Optimal User Experience

Rugged display panels from AUO Display Plus are now used across the full range of ADLINK industrial-grade displays and tablets to further enhance their ruggedness and durability. Tu notes, "AUO Display Plus is an AUO subsidiary specializing in industrial touch control technologies and large display form-factors suitable for outdoor or semi-outdoor environments. It is therefore a perfect complement to ADLINK's expertise in industrial computer technology." The post-pandemic era has led to greater diversification of HMI requirements in the market. The complementary partnership between ADLINK and AUO Display Plus will provide customers with greater product diversity and better specifications.

There are three main advantages to the adoption of AUO Display Plus panels in ADLINK HMI products: 1. Improved durability to support extended system operation; 2. Improved clarity through high-brightness products that clearly display information both indoors and outdoors; 3. Improved usability with support for multi-touch controls that provide an enhanced user experience. Tu emphasizes, "ADLINK and AUO Display Plus both have more than 20 years of experience in industrial control. Customer requirements and pain points are therefore anticipated and overcome in advance during the product design phase. The next step for ADLINK is to leverage AUO Display Plus products for the development of specialized high brightness, semi-outdoor, and narrow bezel models."

On top of enhancing product performance through partnerships, another key competitive advantage of ADLINK's industrial display and tablet business is its precise and well-developed one-stop customization service. According to Tu, "Long-term collaboration between ADLINK and leading vendors such as Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, and NVIDIA ensures the most forward-looking product support. This, combined with ADLINK's extensive experience in industrial computers and global locations, ensures the delivery of swift, professional customization services. Resultant products will not only meet current requirements but can also be customized to craft edge visualization solutions that offer high stability, compatibility, and tolerance for customers."

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Derrick Tu, Business Development Manager of the Edge Visualization BU at ADLINK. Credit: Company

Derrick Tu, Business Development Manager of the Edge Visualization BU at ADLINK. Credit: Company