NeuinX seizes sports image analysis opportunities and secures CES 2023 innovation awards

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NeuinX CEO Tsung-Hsun Tsai. Credit: NeuinX

With the aim of attaining outstanding results in competitions, a global trend of combining sports and technology has ensued. Various sensor components are being combined and utilized to collect athletes' data from competitions or training sessions to serve as reference for future improvements. Industry output has reached new records due to recent developments in AI as well as the popularization of sports technology applications in the general public. A Data Bridge Market Research report points out that industry output will reach US$47 billion in 2029 and become a hotly contested space amongst corporations; the market will also release many smart fitness products designed for the general public.

The massive industry output of this market will naturally attract Taiwanese enterprises that boast advantages in the field of information and communication technologies. For instance, the National Science and Technology Council's Taiwan Germination Program has subsidized NeuinX, an independent research team from National Tsing Hua University. The team has currently released the sport image smart AI analysis platform NeuinX Play. With support from Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), NeuinX attended its first Consumer Electronics Show in 2023 and won the CES 2023 Innovation Awards. Resulted in massive attention from the U.S. sports technology industry and laid a solid foundation for its entry into the U.S. market in 2024.

Tsung-Hsun Tsai, the CEO of NeuinX stated that the early development of sports technology in the U.S. has resulted in diverse solutions and technology related products for basketball, baseball, and golf. TTA's support in attending the CES 2023 not only increased exposure for NeuinX, but also led to exchanges with the U.S. industry, which will be greatly beneficial for the company's future developments. In fact, TTA offered various consulting services prior to NeuinX's visit to the U.S. and became one of the driving forces that allowed the company to win an award.

NeuinX technical consultant Min-Chun Hu stated that aside from their support for CES 2023, TTA also provided mentorship courses in marketing, financial planning, and governance designed for startup companies, which paved the way for the sound, long-term development of NeuinX. In addition, TTA hosted many matchmaking meetings that allowed NeuinX the opportunity to earn the attention of even more investors.

In-house Developed AI Image Analysis Targets Students and Small- to Medium-Sized Sports Competitions

The active efforts of various companies have resulted in many sports image analysis platforms on the market that mostly require multiple professional film equipment to utilize. As such, full solutions are often extremely costly and can only be utilized by professional sports teams or leagues. In a bid to drive the commercialization of cutting-edge sports technologies and establish itself as a premier global sports service provider, NeuinX, founded in 2023, brings over 15 years of accumulated expertise in sports image analysis with many high-level international conferences and journals. NeuinX's technology was used by Taiwan's National Team in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and the solution won the 2021 Taiwan Sports Technology Application Award.

In order for student leagues and small- to medium-sized competitions to enjoy the brand new experiences delivered by sports technology despite their limited budgets, NeuinX launched the subscription based NeuinX Play service in 2023. Users can simply upload game footage filmed using smartphones and cameras or TV broadcast footage of basketball games to the cloud, and the system will automatically analyze players' shooting locations and movement patterns. Additionally, NeuinX Play includes a built-in automatic scoring platform that records each shot and determines if it has gone into the net. The system automatically records scoring information for each player, thereby drastically reducing the cost expenditure of recording scores, which is traditionally performed manually. Furthermore, in response to the emergence of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, NeuinX Play automatically clips highlights, which can be sent to a predetermined platform, thereby satisfying the requirements of league marketing activities.

"To verify the feasibility of NeuinX Play, we partnered with a renowned Taiwanese basketball league and multiple agencies in 2023, and conducted verification test through 10 actual games held in Taipei Heping Basketball Gymnasium and Xinzhuang Gymnasium. The results evidenced that the system could accurately analyze the shooting process of athletes and fully document their scoring status." Tsung-Hsun Tsai explains, "In the future, we will provide additional functions such as automatic detection of data such as blocks, steals, and rebounds to better meet the functionalities required to record actual competitions."

NeuinX Stat Will Enter the U.S. Market by 2024

Amidst intense competition, the market sees an influx of various sports video analysis platforms, although the majority require expensive integration with specialized camera equipment, consequently restricting their adoption mainly to professional teams and leagues. In a move to penetrate the sports technology sector, NeuinX introduced the NeuinX Play Cloud Service in 2023, marking the company's inaugural venture into the field The award winning NeuinX Play that won CES 2023 Innovation Awards is currently used in National Tsing Hua University basketball court and received many high praise.

Tsung-Hsun Tsai stated that in order for more student teams and small- to medium-sized leagues to enjoy the advantages of sports technology, NeuinX expects to release NeuinX Stat in 2024, targeting student leagues in both the U.S. and Taiwan. In addition to retaining and enhancing all functions of NeuinX Play, this version will also provide a field for on-site personnel to fill in statistical data; XR data visualization and True View visualization can also be applied to basketball strategy training and game analysis.

In addition to student leagues, NeuinX is also targeting the strong demand for AI sports image analysis from professional athletes and leagues. The company expects to launch NeuinX Train in 2026, which will provide 3D action simulation and an online training system, providing athletes with a better understanding of their athletic condition and reference data for planning future training sessions, thereby improving their overall performance in professional basketball games.

NeuinX technical consultant Min-Chun Hu

NeuinX technical consultant Min-Chun Hu
Photo: NeuinX

NeuinX technical consultant Hong-Guo Zhu

NeuinX technical consultant Hong-Guo Zhu
Photo: NeuinX

Image of NeuinX Play interface.

Image of NeuinX Play interface. Users can upload videos to the platform and the cloud computing module will automatically capture event labels and time stamps from the images, and provide users with data as well as highlight clips, which can be applied to strategic discussions or marketing.