Avalue's upcoming launch of vibrant color ePaper display - new boost for retail market

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Avalue Technology Inc., a global industrial PC solution provider and a Titanium member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. In recent years, ePaper technology has been advancing and evolving, bringing us a revolutionary reading experience. Avalue's 42" black and white ePaper displays can be used as electronic whiteboards or patient information bulletin boards in hospitals. It provides professional staff with a seamless and time-saving solution for synchronizing and updating information and medical data, it can continue to display even during power outages. With the wide viewing angles and high contrast ratios, these displays ensure effortless reading and enhanced user comfort.

However, the evolution of technology never stops. Avalue Technology, with its industrial PC solution specialty, has extended its black and white ePaper display to develop a new color ePaper display with four colors: black, white, red, and yellow, which provides more attractive and saturated color effects than ever before, making it ideal for digital signage or poster display.

Black and white as well as color ePaper displays offer versatile applications, catering to different color and refresh rate requirements. These displays provide customers with clear and energy-efficient ePaper solutions, offering superior visuals while maintaining the advantage of low power consumption and blue light-free experience. Avalue Technology remains committed to collaborate closely through its diverse customer base across retail, advertising, and healthcare sectors.

Avalue Technology is working on their upcoming product launching for color ePaper display in Q4 of 2023. This cutting-edge display solution will cater to the signage needs of a wider customer base. With enhanced contrast and resolution, users can expect more vibrant and lifelike images. The faster refresh rate ensures a smoother and more comfortable reading experience, while the inclusion of flash alert technology enables the delivery of warning messages to the public.

The ePaper technology will continue to make a significant impact across various sectors. In the field of education, students will enjoy colorful educational material with efficiency of instant computer-like updates but far from the harm of blue light. For the publishing industry, works can be presented to consumers more attractively. And in the commercial sector, advertising and digital displays will become more flexible and energy efficient.

Furthermore, ePaper's low energy consumption, reusability, and recyclability make it an ideal partner for those focused on sustainable development. As the world actively embraces carbon reduction initiatives, Avalue Technology is dedicated to offering environmentally friendly solutions that support your commitment to a sustainable future.

Avalue 4-Colors ePaper

Avalue 4-Colors ePaper