Ramon.Space attracts funding from Foxconn subsidiary and UMC Capital to provide space-resilient computing

Misha Lu, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: Ramon.Space

US-based startup Ramon.Space announced today that it has raised US$26 million in funding from Foxconn subsidiary Ingrasys, in addition to the Strategic Development Fund (SDF), an Abu Dhabi-based strategic investment firm. According to a company press release, other funding participants include existing investors of the company, suc as UMC Capital, Grove Ventures, and Deep Insight.

A provider of space-resilient computing infrastructure, Ramon.Space has developed and deployed its software-based computing technology onto satellite computers to store, process and analyze large amounts of data in orbit. Leveraging its in-house radiation-hardened technology to support missions, Ramon.Space's computing platform includes a set of products targeting storage, processing, and communication solutions, namely NuStream, NuPod and NuBox.

The investment from Ingrasys follows the recently announced strategic agreement to manufacture Ramon.Space's computing products globally. The newly secured funding will enable Ramon.Space to grow the organization and continue to commercialize its space-resilient computing platform, reach new markets, and solidify its global presence in response to the surge in demand for advanced computing solutions in space.

"Space-grade computing solutions have become an essential foundation for the evolution of the space economy. The demand from satellite manufacturers, operators and service providers for such solutions is growing, driven by new business models and a goal to maintain agility of services in orbit. This new investment will allow Ramon.Space to scale its organization to meet market needs," said Avi Shabtai, CEO of Ramon.Space. "We are honored to receive a vote of confidence from global leaders as we continue to increase our reach of enabling data-driven insights from space."

"As the world leader in cloud and enterprise computing manufacturing on the Earth, it's a natural step to expand into computing infrastructure in space and we are truly excited to be part of the space industry," said Benjamin Ting, CEO, Ingrasys. "Space computing is the foundation to leverage the infinite potential of space and we recognized that investing and partnering to manufacture Ramon.Space products was the perfect strategic move as they are the leader in this field."

According to Ramon. Space, its technology has already been deployed in space and used in over 50 deep space and satellite missions across the solar system – with zero failures. Ramon.Space has offices in the United States and Israel.