Wincomm demos up-front medical & industrial panel PCs at Computex Taipei

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Credit: Wincomm

Wincomm Corp. welcomes your visit to Wincomm at Booth No. K1125a during Computex Taipei, on Mar 30 to June 2, 2023 at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1F, in Taipei, Taiwan.

In 2023, Wincomm invites all our business partners and industrial decision makers to empower Industrial & Medical Computing Solutions including medical grade, food grade, full IP waterproof and explosion-proof grade ePlatforms, and to build IIoT to AIoT infrastructures together.

Healthy Life from EMR, AI in Surgery and Seamless Integration for Smart Hospital

Wincomm medical panel PC has proof its design value with excellent design for years. In 2023, we are pleased to announce brand-new series entering the up-front design from mobile medical cart AIO, WMP-22P/24P series, point of care traditional selection, WMP-15J/19J series, powerful medical AI panel pc, WMP-24K series and new box pc, WPC-789, and medical OR pc, WMP-22T/24T-PIS series, featuring on excellent power management, high computing power up to Intel 12th generation Alder Lake Core i, and fan-less solutions. With remote management IoT API platform, it is ready for most e-Healthcare solution makers to build infrastructure as best edge computing solutions. Besides, Imedtec, a leading innovative solutions provider that empowered by AIOT in medical industry, now released Telehealth Solution integrated with Wincomm medical cart AIO pc series, which combines patient information, video and vital signs data into a single platform, making it easier to have virtual consultations with various specialists and to provide timely, specialized care to patients.

Better Life from Full Waterproof/Dustproof and Explosionproof HMI for Hygienic Factory

Dedicated on highest quality industrial panel PC innovation, the Wincomm stainless panel PC series have granted full IP waterproof testing, 100% dustproof guarantee, wider temperature up to -20 to 60 degree C in shelf, sunlight readable and new explosionproof series for outdoor, food, extremely rugged environment applications. Ranging from Intel Celeron Processor J Series (code name: Elkhart Lake), WTP-8J66 series, low power solution, and up to 12th Generation Intel Core i5 Processors (code name: Alder Lake), WTP-9H66 series, high computing power solution, with 15", 19" and 22" panel size for selection. For IP66 front panel PC for various industrial applications, we demonstrate WLP-7J20 series with Intel Celeron Processor J Series (code name: Elkhart Lake) and WLP-7H20 series with12th Generation Intel Core i5 Processors offering 10.1", 10.4", 15", 15.6", 19", and 22" for selection. Enable with intelligent innovated management for power versus computing best utility and wireless remote device management system, Wincomm is proud to announce best solutions to build IIoT application toward better life.

Welcome to Visit Wincomm Booth No. K1125a at Computex 2023