Clientron exhibits latest smart EV cockpit and endpoint security products at Computex 2023

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"COMPUTEX Taipei 2023" will be held at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from May 30th to June 2nd. After three years, Clientron will meet you again at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023, and exhibit three themes, including "Endpoint Solutions for Secure Access to VDI, DaaS and Cloud Workspaces," "Smart eCockpit of Electric Vehicle," and "Smart Retail POS System" to comprehensively demonstrate the product development and innovations the years.

"Endpoint Solutions for Secure Access to VDI, DaaS and Cloud Workspaces"

Responding to the challenge of the hybrid workforce, Clientron, with decades of experience in manufacturing cloud endpoints, partnered with IGEL and 10ZiG to bring secure and comprehensive hybrid work to the enterprise through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) applications.

With more and more companies planning to adopt a hybrid work model, now is the perfect time for businesses to start building out VDI environments and cloud workspaces. IGEL operating system can instantly transform all existing X86-64 PCs or laptops into lean and secure cloud devices for accessing cloud workspaces, so enterprises can utilize existing cloud devices for establishing a secure hybrid workplace. On the other hand, 10ZiG provides both cloud endpoint devices and operating system, which mainly focuses on the VDI and cloud workspace to help enterprises set up a hybrid workspace from scratch.

Principally, IGEL's and 10ZiG's endpoint management systems are designed for IT managers to simplify and secure VDI connections by remotely updating software, troubleshooting issues, restricting access to external peripherals (such as USB flash drives), and setting up multiple configurations for distributed cloud devices. You can experience the flexibility and productivity of a hybrid workspace with Clientron's reliable endpoint devices and great software, IGEL OS and 10ZiG.

"Smart Retail POS System"

Clientron has designed a POS system for system integrators to expedite the project from conception to the storefront quicker and easier. In the "Smart Retail POS System" area, Clientron is going to demonstrate various models of smart POS systems from entry to high-end levels that are equipped with power-efficient to high-performance Intel® processors and multiple peripherals to handle innovative services and create a smart new retail transaction model.

In this area, Clientron will exhibit a series of fanless POS systems with different designs, functions, and specs that fulfills the needs of different business purposes. The multi-function all-in-one POS terminal that integrates a thermal printer is designed with a compact and low-profile enclosure for small stores. The slim-edge stylish design is equipped with a high-end Intel® processor, which supports a variety of payment mechanisms, and peripherals including MSR, NFC, barcode scanner, and thermal printer for self-service POS systems and performing smart retail applications. Moreover, because of the in-house motherboard design and production capabilities, Clientron can significantly improve product stability, reduce production costs, and provide customers with valuable cost-effective benefits and optional peripherals for additional functions to enhance user experience.

"Smart eCockpit of Electric Vehicle"

Clientron has been dedicated to the automotive industry in the design, manufacturing, and system integration of automotive electronics for over twenty years. The trend of sustainable energy keeps driving the strong growth of the electric vehicle market. In the "Smart eCockpit of Electric Vehicle" theme, Clientron's core competitiveness comes from integrating four major electrical systems (electronics, battery, motor, and electronic control), which adopts modular architecture and software-defined hardware methods for combining EV's main electrical system, including Smart Meter Cluster System, Smart Control System, BCM (Body Control Module), VCU (Vehicle Control Unit), AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System), Vision Assistance system, etc. Clientron's system integration ability will be critical for having an edge in EV development.

Clientron is endeavoring to develop the smart e-cockpit system and is ready for integrating more EV's different systems. The exclusive technical modular design that fits into different vehicle kits enables our partners to redefine the functions of their own driver cabin systems. In the COMPUTEX 2023 exhibition, we will show you the smart eCockpit of EVs solution.

In Clientron, the commitment to being the leading supplier to produce user-friendly, secure, reliable, and durable products has never changed. With 40 years of research and manufacturing experience, Clientron will showcase innovative technologies and the ability to customize solutions for partners with high-quality manufacturing, design, and R&D experience. The complete product information is all at Clientron's booth - J1211a in Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Center from May 30 to June. Meanwhile, we also exhibit the Smart eCockpit of Electric Bus at the booth of TADA(Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association), 4F in Hall 1, allowing visitors to experience the advanced eCockpit of electric vehicles.

Date: May 30-June 2, 2023
Location: 1st/ 4th Floor, Hall 1, Nangang Exhibition Center
Booth: J1211a (Clientron Booth at 1st floor)
M0830 (TADA Booth at 4th floor)

Clientron will showcase innovative technologies at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023

Clientron will showcase innovative technologies at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023