HTC releases eye-tracking, expression detection kits for Vive Focus 3 VR headset

Max Wang, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES Asia 0


HTC has launched its eye-tracking and facial expression detection units for its Vive Focus 3 standalone VR headset, offering users more natural and immersive VR experiences, according to company sources.

By incorporating human-machine interfaces for gestures, eyeball movements, and expressions detection, the eye-tracking and facial expression detection kits will enable multiple new ways to control VR headsets while increasing the realism of interaction between humans and VR, said the sources.

HTC stated that the Vive Focus 3 facial expression detection tracker could capture up to 38 mixed facial movements and, at the same time, perform face detection at a tracking rate of 60Hz, which can synchronize lips with the voice in a near-zero-latency manner.

The eye-tracking kit uses a dual-camera lens that supports infrared to capture the source of gaze, direction, pupil size, position, and eye-opening range. It can provide eye movement and blinking effects for virtual clones.

The sources said that the eye-tracking unit will enable enterprise users to obtain eyeball dynamic analysis data, enabling VR to perform more innovative applications.