HTC showcases new virtual production solution at Siggraph

Max Wang, Taipei; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES Asia 0


HTC has teamed up with Departure Lounge and Arcturus to showcase its new virtual production solution Vive Mars CamTrack at the Siggraph 2022 held in Vancouver, Canada from August 8-11.

The Vive Mars CamTrack enables studios of all sizes to create professional-grade virtual content more efficiently, flexibly, and affordably, according to company sources.

The virtual production solution will be available for general purchase in the US, Canada, and Europe starting August 8, with availability in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to follow in the coming months.

The Vive Mars CamTrack solution utilizes the Lighthouse base station positioning technology to integrate the complex camera tracking workflow into a plug-and-play modular box, providing a simple and accurate camera tracking solution.

According to company data, the Vive Mars CamTrack solution system can track up to three sets of photographic equipment simultaneously and provide simple tools to correct camera shift or lens perspective distortion.

The solution also supports the FreeD protocol, which allows users to have more choices and flexibility in processing camera tracking data.

The Vive Mars CamTrack solution can also tap the e-commerce and live broadcast markets, industry observers said.