PetaRay launches metaverse AR technology

Rodney Chan, DIGITIMES, Taipei 0

PetaRay, an augmented reality (AR) optics engine developer, has introduced metaverse AR light field technology designed to resolve VAC issue.

Current AR/VR/MR displays have a single fixed focal plane, which is typically not at the same position as the displayed 3D virtual object and hence results in vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC), which makes users feel dizzy and uncomfortable. "Vergence-accommodation conflict is inevitable for conventional displays with fixed focal planes, and PetaRay has developed an innovative and elegant solution that completely solves the problem," said Homer Chen, founder of PetaRay.

PetaRay said its optical engine for near-eye displays is based on an innovative light field technology that reproduces light rays of 3D virtual objects and projects them directly onto user's retinas. The optical engine has continuous focal planes and allows the display content to match the desired depth of field. PetaRay's light field projector requires no eye tracker and other sensors for projection.

PetaRay said its light field projector has high image quality and works for most kinds of AR glasses.

At CES 2022, PetaRay showcased how its AR light field projector can be integrated with the Epson VM-40 optics system to produce natural and comfortable AR experience for users.

PetaRay has completed an angel round of fund raising led by Wayne Tseng, chairman of EDOM, together with the Techlink Ventures from Silicon Valley and the Industrial technology Investment Cooperation (ITIC).

PetaRay AR technology.  Credit: PetaRay

PetaRay AR light field projector
Credit: PetaRay