Chenbro server chassis solutions meet diverse needs of customers

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Chenbro server chassis solutions. Credit: Chenbro

The global server market will be in short supply in 2021. From the perspective of the larger trend, the growth of cloud services dominates the development of the server industry, especially in this post-pandemic era. It continues to drive home office, remote teaching, online shopping, and audio-visual applications, leading to higher demand for data centers and cloud services. Another major trend is 5G applications. With its characteristics of high-bandwidth communications, wide-area connectivity, and low latency, 5G applications are regarded as a boost to the development of smart cities and the IoT, and it also drives strong growth in servers.

Chenbro OTS products with high compatibility and high differentiation

As cloud and 5G drive rapid increases in demand for global data centers and servers, global server chassis leader Chenbro Micom is actively developing business opportunities in the server chassis market by developing innovative and forward-looking products. In fact, server chassis have certain thresholds and difficulties: they must carry different components, such as motherboards, cooling systems, power supplies, and be installed in bodies of different sizes, which is an extremely large demand for system stability.

Chenbro said that the compatibility of the internal mechanism and electromechanical integration of the chassis, along with detailed craftsmanship and quality of production, are of great benefit to the stability of the server system. Therefore, its server chassis products have the dual characteristics of "high compatibility" and "high differentiation". Compatibility of the server chassis and the motherboard usually requires much verification, and verification itself often requires huge amounts of time and efforts. Therefore, when pairing Chenbro server chassis with motherboards of different manufacturers, various motherboards are pre-tested for items such as mechanical compatibility, system function testing, and heat resistance. This means that customers will have more flexibility in their selection of servers for deployment.

Chenbro further pointed out that, in its design, development, and production of a series of OTS standard products, it has found inspiration in the toy "Lego". Using a modular design, Chenbro develops mechanical products that function somewhat like Lego blocks, allowing customers to choose products according to their application needs and import them quickly to meet the demands of the high-diversity, low-volume server industry market. As a result, Chenbro possesses products that fully demonstrate flexibility, agility, diversity, and high compatibility. This has allowed it to achieve the goal of "Compatible yet Differentiated, Made Easy", and provide customers with high-quality products and services.

Value-added edge computing products for concept engineering applications

IDC predicts that the edge computing server market will be driven by the diverse business needs of users in the telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, and transportation industries, to become one of the fastest-growing sub-markets of the server market. As there are more diverse scenarios in the applications of edge computing at the data-generation end, the demand for edge customized servers that have specific external sizes, low-energy-consumption capabilities, broad working temperature, and other specified designs, will see accelerating growth, so as to adapt to complex and diverse deployment environments and business needs.

Chenbro stated that using "concept engineering" for product design and innovating products from the perspective of customers and end users helps them maximize the performance of various components in the server chassis. Chenbro gave further explanation using the recently launched RM252 and RM352 series products as examples. These edge computing server chassis products developed by "concept engineering" have their design based on O-RAN architecture, use a 450mm ultra-short depth chassis, provide FIO (front-end I/O) and RIO (rear-end I/O) connection mechanisms, adopt a flexible fan configuration, and have built-in dual redundant power supplies with hot-swappable functionality; such design and functionality makes them suited for fields with constraints in deployment space, such as telecommunications racks or small-scale data centers.

A wellspring of product innovation

As 5G, AIoT, and edge computing have transformed the industry once again, innovative research and development of server products has received increasing attention. What can easily be underestimated as a server's "coat" holds within it Chenbro's 38 years of intensive R&D and innovation. Chenbro said that as it moves into the future, it will continue to promote the coexistence of "high compatibility" and "high differentiation" in OTS product innovation. It will absorb the lessons of its "concept engineering" product development experience, and continue to enhance its electromechanical integration capabilities, and thereby develop diversified products to meet customer needs.

To maximize the compatibility of its chassis, Chenbro has upheld the slogan "Whatever's inside, Chenbro outside". Regardless of how the needs of industry can change and influence server configuration, Chenbro is the best choice of server chassis. Chenbro will continue to provide diverse server chassis products according to user needs that also consider actual use and operation scenarios.