Chenbro unveils 4U rackable tower server chassis for multi GPGPU applications in AI and machine learning

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Chenbro SR113 4U rackable tower server chassis. Credit: Chenbro

Chenbro, a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of own-brand rackmount system, is excited to announce the latest SR113 rackable tower server chassis to increase deep learning through powerful multi-GPGPU and storage configurations. Supporting CRPS/ATX PSU (EEB SKU), the proprietary mainboard can be loaded with up to five double-width GPGPU cards to accelerate many of today's best-known machine learning software stacks. Developers and SMBs now have access to more compute capability with IT architecture that is capable of taking in great sets of data.

Designed for easy deployment

The SR113 brings a rack mount and pedestal stand-alone design for seamless inclusion of new technology to any environment. Chenbro brings together powerful computing and storage options in a single 4U server chassis design to establish cost-effective and high-efficiency solutions for ease of integration. It helps enterprises reduce deployment time in an IT environment and solve the most critical challenges in their business. Equipped with a front bezel lock to prevent unauthorized access, securing internal drive cages, the SR113 supports key lock, a 3-wire intrusion switch, and a Kensington security slot to ensure a secure IT deployment. With a multi-drive cage design and effective thermal performance, even at maximum (five) GPGPU capacity, IT can deploy with confidence at an enterprise scale.

Designed for diverse and demanding workloads

The SR113 rackable tower server chassis is 4U dual-socket server platforms designed for adaptability. The SR113 links with Chenbro's reference motherboard program and features a multi server board support:

*Proprietary (15.12" x 13.2"): SMC X12DPG/X11DPG
*Proprietary (14.23" x 13.24"): Tyan S7105
*SSI EEB (12" x 13"): 8-slot SKU Only

Expandable storage and PCIe options are ideal for high-performance computing of large datasets in accelerated HPC/AI training, deep learning, machine learning, photorealistic rendering, 3D simulation and animation, scientific simulation and analysis, and big data computing and analysis.

The power of machine learning, whether in a rack or a standalone pedestal, is available for all organizations. Additionally, anti-shock and anti-vibration technologies maintain the high computing stability required for data security and reading speed for data storage. Chenbro provides the affordable, efficient, secure, and productive workstation solution which can be configured specifically for the needs of all organizations from SMBs to large enterprises.

Optimized thermal performance and multiple storage matrix

Graphic design and digital content production require high workloads, and the need for thermal performance is essential. The chassis structure design benefits better airflow as well as fan installation. In addition to the middle 4 hot-swap fans, the optional fans are dedicated to offering additional cooling for the maximum supported expansion cards serving as the basis for the ideal system thermal behavior. Flexible thermal solutions are available for different configurations. With 2 x 5.25" media bay and 1 x 3.5" drive bays, the SR113 also supports 2 x 4-bay 3.5" hot-swap SAS/SATA and an optional 8 x 2.5" SAS/SATA for maximum configuration flexibility.​

Powering the scale of artificial intelligence

With the addition of optimized thermal designs, Chenbro delivers a complete multi-GPGPU option and multi-drive cage design for high performance and reliability for AI and deep learning applications. Whether it is data collection and analysis near the edge or data preparation and training in the data center or real-time inference at the AI core, SR113 has it covered.

With optimized thermal design for high-performance workloads in a 4U chassis, Chenbro has formed the basis for highly cost-effective and efficient resources in answer to some of the most critical business challenges SMB. With SR113, reliability help enterprises meet the dramatic increase for the underlying infrastructure of artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, making it ideal for photorealistic rendering, 3D simulation and animation, scientific simulation and analysis, big data computing, and analysis, etc.

4U rackable tower server chassis now available

The Chenbro SR113 4U rackable tower server chassis for multi GPGPU applications is ideal for AI inference, deep learning, professional visualization, and data computing applications, applicable to an extensive range of IoT industries of IoT. SR113 is now available to buy from Chenbro and Chenbro's channel partners. For more information, please visit

Chenbro SR113 4U rackable tower server chassis

Chenbro SR113 4U rackable tower server chassis