Increasing battery range by 30%, FTEX's powertrain solution boosts EV efficiency


Operation team of FTEX

Electric vehicles (EV) have been regarded as the mainstream of next-gen automobiles. According to the statistics by DIGITIMES Research, with a global annual growth rate of 19% in 2020, electric vehicles will hit the tens-of-millions scale by 2025. Global environmental awareness and new emerging technologies are the two driving forces behind this rapid growth. When it comes to technology, electric vehicles' power management has been a major industry focus in recent years. Therefore, FTEX's GaNFET powertrain solution, which extends driving range by 30%, has become the center of attention.

Hailing from Canada, FTEX specializes in EV power management solutions. During its early years, the company focused on applications for e-scooters, e-bikes, and electric motorcycles. FTEX later expanded its product portfolio to include larger vehicles as its technology matured. FTEX's core products are smart dynamic motor drives built using GaNFET technology, which increase the range of today's batteries by 30%.

FTEX's solution can be divided into two facets: hardware and software. The hardware increases vehicles' driving performance by improving the powertrain. The company pairs a GaNFET motor controller and a DC/DC converter, which allows the system to adjust its voltage dynamically, thus greatly increasing controller efficiency. In terms of software, FTEX uses its proprietary smart algorithm to control the DC/DC voltage output and the motor controller to continually reoptimize the powertrain in real time and increase efficiency, range and power. Furthermore, this software can monitor electric vehicles' environment variables, such as battery health and temperature, which boosts stability and increases battery life.

This integration of hardware and software allows FTEX to offer excellent power management solutions for electric vehicle industry players. In the future, the company plans to fortify its software-oriented groundwork. Through continuous data collection and machine learning, FTEX will be able to fine-tune its ability to modulate battery power and use the full range of motor power. Through this, FTEX can optimize motor performance for a much greater range of speeds and torques. Currently, FTEX has integrated its proprietary technologies into one solution and released its Dynamic Drive. This product can be applied to many types of electric vehicles, and is seamlessly linked to the software platform that FTEX specially designed for OEM businesses, providing an optimized end-user experience.

In recent years, investment in the electric vehicle market by businesses in Taiwan has been accelerating. According to FTEX, with strong technology capabilities, these businesses are sure to have a promising future in this market. FTEX products can further increase the value of these businesses. Presently, FTEX divides the applications of its products into 100V and 600V solutions. The company's ultimate vision is to offer more solutions that boost vehicle performance, and to become the go-to third-party technology provider for electric vehicle manufacturers seeking better power management solutions. FTEX is actively opening up the Taiwanese market. The company hopes to collaborate with manufacturers interested in entering the electric vehicle market to develop market-ready products. By combining the technical capabilities of Canada and Taiwan, we will seize the coming EV business opportunities.

Operation team of FTEX

Operation team of FTEX
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