FitTech has order visibility till 2H21

Siu Han, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

LED probing, testing and sorting equipment maker FiTech has obtained orders mainly for equipment used in miniLED chip production, with shipments scheduled until second-half 2021, according to the company.

Many LED firms, eyeing fast growing demand for miniLED backlighting applications, are devoting rersources to making miniLED chips. China-based makers are expected to order about 1,000 sets of equipment for probing, testing and sorting miniLEDs in 2021, industry sources said.

FiTech also began to provide services of testing and sorting miniLED chips for Epistar in fourth-quarter 2020 and is expanding the corresponding capacity, with the additional capacity to come into operation at the end of the first quarter or in second-quarter 2021. Besides Taiwan- and China-based makers, FitTech also provides such services and equipment for Malaysia-based miniLED chipmakers.

FitTech has also developed equipment used to probe and test edge-emitting laser diodes and began to provide services of such probing and testing on a trial basis for Japan-based clients in fourth-quarter 2020. FitTech expects demand for such services to take off in 2021 and the corresponding sales to grow the most among all product lines in 2021.