NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center showcases startups

Chloe Liao, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia

NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center recently held a demo day for 13 startup businesses to showcase their products and services.

The center, jointly established by the New Taipei City government, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and FCC Partners, aims to integrate government, industrial and academic resources to create an innovation ecosystem to help startup businesses.

Among the 13 startups, How Investech has developed FundSwap, a P2P management platform to simplify trading for individual investors of mutual funds; and IGcar plays the role of a bridge between car users and after-market maintenance service providers and helps the latter manage business; AdLocus uses software methods to collect smartphone users' online data and offline tacking data and then sets labeling as basis to predict their consumption behavior for use in precision marketing.

CRIS and Heroic-Faith Medical Science won the best IoT and Technology Awards respectively. CRIS has developed a cloud-based smart dynamic scheduling algorithm to solve complicated scheduling problems for manufacturers, while Heroic-Faith has developed AI-based respiratory monitoring devices and chest sound monitoring devices which have been adopted by several large hospitals in Taiwan.

Since operation beginning in August 2018, the center has cultivated 36 startup businesses - 23 in the first term and 13 in the second; and 11 of them have finished fund raising, including five invested by National Development Fund.

Demo Day

NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center showcases startups
Photo: AWS