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Motion's role in the truly autonomous home
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Right now, consumers use the term "smart home" to describe Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are designed to automate various household tasks. However, having a home full of smart devices that all operate independently and based on preferences that were set manually does not constitute a truly smart home.

Cognitive Systems' vision of a smart home is where an IoT device takes action based on the consumer's presence, not what it has been programmed to do. By their very nature, IoT devices require Internet connectivity to function. A WiFi network creates the required connection between smart devices - all that is missing is the call to action. What occurrence in a home is so ubiquitous that it can send constant messages to devices in every room? Movement.

The future of the smart home is WiFi Motion

As humans, we don't often think about every little movement that's required to keep ourselves comfortable in our homes. But the truth is, nearly every home-related task requires some sort of physical motion: turning on the lights, setting the temperature, locking or unlocking the door, turning on the TV - the list goes on and on.

Imagine if, just by walking in the door, your WiFi-enabled devices could come alive. Your door would lock automatically behind you, your thermostat would set to your ideal temperature, and your favorite lamps would light up in the room you're in - all without having to set any preferences through an app or the devices yourself.

This automation is made possible through artificial intelligence. A consumer lives life as normal, and the IoT device network learns patterns and behaviour over time, ultimately reducing the consumer's need to set preferences over and over again.

Why is WiFi Motion home automation necessary?

Because humans are so accustomed to consciously or unconsciously making decisions all day, we don't even realize how much time is actually spent on routine actions. With true home automation, we will have more time and headspace than ever before. Through Cognitive Systems' advanced algorithmic processes and localization technology, this futuristic vision of a truly smart home is within sight.

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