Liyitec showcases competitiveness in surface coating for large-size products

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Liyitec has advanced its products' competitiveness with various kind of surface treatments, such as anti-glare (AG), anti-reflection (AR), anti-fingerprint (AF), anti-bacteria (AB) and anti-condensation features to meet customer's diversified needs for new product development.

At the same time, in response to customer's expectation for large-size products, Liyitec is expanding its production facility to accommodate large-size product manufacturing. Dedicated to touch screen and cover glass for industrial applications, Liyitec is headquartered in Guishan Industrial District with two factories to satisfy customer's one-stop shopping requirement, from front-end process such as glass cutting, polishing, surface treatment to rear-end process such as touch screen module manufacturing and lamination.

Liyitec currently serves customers from Japan, Europe, the US and Taiwan, covering areas of industrial, automotive, aviation, marine navigation, medical, education, outdoor digital signage and gaming applications. The company is capable of satisfying various kinds of applications with diverse specifications and quantities. This competitiveness is a result of Liyitec's commitment and extensive experiences in serving highly-customized and fragmented customers. The development of industrial products is different from that of consumer products. In order to ensure the reliability and quality of industrial products, the design, manufacturing and approval of industrial products are much more complicated, taking much more time than consumer products. All these efforts ensure that once the product is designed-in, it will be less likely to be replaced by other competitors. Although the characteristics of industrial products normally see lower quantities than consumer products, they are long-term and stable. Being able to provide long-term support and reliable products are key factors for building persistent customer relationship especially in the industrial supply chain. Liyitec's 30 years of track records has inevitably proved its enduring commitment to this principle.

Liyitec products are touch screen modules and cover glass. They can be further divided into flat type, curve type and shaped type sized from 5-inch for handheld device to 65-inch for outdoor digital signage or white board applications. Liyitec is the market leader of curved type touch screen and cover glass. The curved type products can be single or multi-curvature according to customer's design. Besides, to satisfy customer's anti-explosive and anti-shatter requirement, Liyitec also offers laminated safety glass like automotive windshield to avoid glass shattering into sharp pieces hurting users under tremendous external impact. The laminated safety glass also has anti-UV and anti-IR property which is essential for outdoor applications.

As the touch technology is gradually entering its mature stage, Liyitec, in addition to continuously penetrating the touch screen market, has further expanded its product lines into cover glass and surface treatment segment in the past few years. Via building in-house coating capability, Liyitec can now provide touch screen and cover glass products with anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint, anti-bacteria, and anti-condensation features. This strategic move further enhances Liyitec's competitiveness and irreplaceability by satisfying customers' one-stop shopping demand.

Liyitec will exhibit its products at Computex 2019, Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, booth#S0224, including medium- to large-size flat, curved, shaped, surface-coated, and anti-explosive touchscreen as well as cover glass to satisfy all kind of customization needs.

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65 inch large size touch screen and surface treatment

43 inch curved touch screen

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