The eye of your business and home: Beseye AI Video Analysis Solution

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More than 1.3 billion GB of surveillance videos recorded every day. Yet, only less than 1% of surveillance videos are watched or utilized, and when incidents take place, we often need to go through hours of videos just to find the evidence we need.

This is where Beseye comes in. Beseye AI Video Analysis Solution automatically analyzes and extracts important moments, which not only protects safety, but is also applicable for different commercial application, such as retail store business intelligence, railway safety, long-term care.

Beseye provides innovational Skeleton Print Technology, which through AI deep learning could accurately detect humans and their characteristics.

The main features of Beseye AI Video Analysis Solution include:

AI-based human detection: Beseye extracts the human skeleton's characteristics to distinguish the human from other moving objects, which can be beneficial for home, business and public areas. Imagine how you can get instant notification whenever someone tries to break into your home or shops, and you will no longer need to check the surveillance videos from time to time. Currently this technology is already adopted by Tokyu Techno Railway Systems to avoid railway accidents. Surveillance cameras are installed around railways in Tokyo, then recorded videos are sent to Beseye AI Cloud for total risk evaluation. For example, when someone tries to cross the railway while a train is approaching, Beseye AI Cloud sends alarm to the central control room, train driver and station staff, so they can take appropriate actions.

AI-based facial recognition: By extracting facial characteristics, Beseye can be a great help for both home and business. Beseye recognizes family members and automatically sends real-time alert of a stranger's invasion. Beseye is also an analytics tool for shopper-experience optimization and business operations improvement, enabling real-world analytics such as customer demographic, people counting and sales hot spot, to optimize efficiency and drive in-store revenue growth.

AI-based posture analysis: By deep analysis of the human skeleton, Beseye AI understands the human posture and behavior. Since 2017, the number of elderly population in Taiwan has exceeded the number of youth population, which calls for optimized elderly care. Currently Beseye teams up with Compal Electronics to provide hospitals and long-term care centers with an elderly care system, with which they can get timely notification when elderly people fall down, helping create a safer environment for the elderly.

AI-based video summary: Since it is impossible for people to check surveillance videos around the clock, Beseye AI rates every detected event, extracts only the most important moments, and at the end of the day provides a summarized footage.

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