Enabling visual revolution, Socionext showcasing 8K resolution imaging SoC solutions to craft smart applications for IoT at Computex 2016

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Aiming for the global development of Japan's system LSI industry, established in 2015, Socionext had merged Fujitsu Semiconductor and Panasonic System LSI business as a brand new fabless IC design company with development focus on system-on-chip (SoC) solutions and headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. For developing diverse SoC solutions for advanced applications, Socionext leverages the strength of imaging, networking and computing technologies. For Computex Taipei 2016, Socionext takes the opportunity to demonstrate at its fabulously designed exhibition booth up-to-date products, displaying the development of 8K image process applications to allow better understanding of the business potential and explore the future cooperation with Taiwan OEM/ODM customers.

From May 31 to June 4, Socionext shows more first-hand viewing experience at Computex Booth# M1019a at TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall 4th Floor, presenting 8K high performance image processing SoC solutions on an 85-inch TV. And there will be several other versatile SoC solutions such as 2K/4K smart TV versatile image conversion and transformation technologies, HEVC real-time encoding system, Omniview 360-degree wrap-around systems, digital signage, surveillance cameras, drone cameras and other IoT solutions for public displays to drive further business opportunities in the future.

8K HEVC Decoder Solution

Socionext has developed 8K image processing technologies and introduced the world's first single-chip 8K video decoder in cooperation with NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation. The code name of Socionext's 8K SoC is SCH801A, which has successfully performed decoding of 8K resolution H.265 (HEVC) video streaming data at 60fps with low power consumption and excellent processing performance. The sample of SCH801A is available to OEMs/ODMs. Socionext is also ready to provide various SoC solutions for hardware OEMs/ODMs to be able to quickly and easily develop 8K TV sets using SCH801A chip or combining with TV SoC chipsets and to significantly reduce the time to the market to help popularize 8K TV.

NHK plans to begin test broadcasts in 8K in 2016 and start to provide regular service in 2018, which will help boost the growth of the 8K TV market and make it a standard in Japanese homes for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Socionext is featuring product roadmaps of 8K SoC solutions including 8K image capturing and compressing, streaming, transmitting and playback total solutions.

For better viewing of the image quality of 8K video at Computex, Socionext presents a live demonstration using world's first 85-inch 8K TV offered by Japan biggest TV panel manufacturer in combination with the SCH801A to display real 8K video streaming content in sharper, deeper and smoother moving images to enable a completely new viewing experience.

Smart Visual Solutions Feature Intelligent Image Recognition, Sensing and Tracking Functions to Fulfill needs of IoT Applications

Image recognition, object tracking and low power consumption features provide intelligent applications with strongly support for IoT requirements. Socionext will present the brand new M-8M (MB86S27) SoC chip at its Computex booth. MB86S27 demonstration will focus on real-time multiple-object tracking, recognition and face detecting. These features align to optimize the system data transmission requirements, save cost and reduce image delaying time, enabling easy fulfillment of customized design requirements.

360-degree warp-around View System 'Omniview' and the Latest Distortion Correction Technology

The applications of drone, motion camera and image transmitting technologies help Socionext to fulfill the versatile demands of professional cameras and surveillance systems. 360-degree view warp-around system "Omniview" equipped with a drone is another key highlight to be showcased iat Computex. Socionext also focuses on enhancing electronic image stabilization, auto-exposure and dewarp functions. It has made a great improvement to provide stable and fast processing 4K images for upgrading the camera features of 360-degree distortion correction. At the Socionext booth, there is live demo of 4K/FHD video shooting from drone cameras using Socionext SoC solutions.