From standard grade to UHP grade

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The semiconductor industry is a highly demanding market, which is known for complex technologies and dependence on the supply chain. Teesing has supplied components, assemblies and engineering capacity to the largest lithography system builder for years. Teesing is specialized in serving worldwide customers in a technical, flexible and fast way.

Teesing is specialized in systems for the supply and discharge of cooling water and distribution of UHP gases, allowing its customers to focus on their core activities. Gases with ultra-high purity (low amount of other gases) are often used in high tech industries like analytical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, semiconductor, metrology and aerospace industry. Pure gases often improve yields, consistency or improve the quality of the end-product. Teesing supplies complete delivery systems for transporting, filtering, monitoring and distributing UHP quality gas and cooling water.

Cooling capacity is increasing together with the production output of OEMs thereby changing the requirements on components. These items must be suitable for the materials, for instance Ultra Pure Water, (demineralised) water or Glycol. Additionally, all parts and assemblies have to meet high cleanliness standards for use in clean rooms to avoid contamination. Teesing offers standard and customized products to meet the high specifications of end customers. Additionally it also thinks beyond purely technical specifications, such as ease of installation, cost reduction, maintenance, packaging and logistics. Teesing offers a complete package for thermal management and gas distribution, from source to process.

Example of process lines, from industrial grade (below) to UHP grade (above)
Photo: Company