Digitimes Research: 28-inch monitors veering toward TN technology and 24-inch units IPS

Ricky Tu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei

Monitors sized 28-inch were an increasingly larger focus for monitor vendors throughout 2014, with Samsung Electronics, IIYAMA, Lenovo and Acer at the forefront. Many of the units released were equipped with Ultra HD panels and twisted nematic (TN) technology, according to Digitimes Research.

Units sized 24-inch on the other hand that featured Ultra HD panels came equipped with IPS technology, and vendors such as Dell are starting to release DisplayPort 1.2 60Hz units in 2015.

Digitimes Research recently added the global average retail prices for 23- and 27-inch LCD monitors in December rose on month by 11.3% to US$276 and 9.2% to US$379, respectively, while those for 20- and 24-inch models have dropped 6.4% to US$132 and 1.2% to US$246. Pricing for 22-inch models remained unchanged.

Pricing for 24-inch units dropped below that for 23-inch units for the first time since July of 2014 while the average retail pricing for 27-inch units has dropped from US$459 in June of 2014 to US$341 in October and later to US$379 in December.