AIC announced its cooperation with Seagate to introduce SASIII 12G Ultra transmission Hot-swap Redundant JBOD J2024-01

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Along with surging demand in cloud computing, each workload in cloud computing structure became clear and differentiates. AIC leads the industry to introduce 12G ultra transmission SASIII SSD J2024-01 JBOD during Computex 2014 as an indispensable force.

The new generation 12G JBOD, combined with redundancy, is ideal for a variety of datacenter environment. It is also a plus for SMB internal backup and storage. SAS port related products are designed mainly for enterprises users, mostly are SAS 6Gbps in current market. With the improvement of server performance, workload of accessing and storing data becomes more onerous. Therefore, the market has more expectation for data accessing and storing, which has been considered for performance bottleneck. AIC J2024-01, the full interpretation of a new generation SASIII 12G, is with superior transmission performance to highly improve the overall IT efficiency.

AIC has been devoted to storage products for a long time. The new J2024-01 redundant JBOD is with dual controller and Seagate SASIII 12G SSD. With the latest 12G SASIII interface, it provides highest I/O transmission speed to reduce waiting times while loading huge data. J2024-01 is the best storage JBOD to easily and immediately solve hardware problems, and with build-in BMC, it can be remote-monitored for operation status.

This year, AIC leads the industry to introduce high performance SASIII 12G JBOD. AIC's excellent performance is a typical representative of cloud business. Continuing providing the best product line to be the most-widely used products in cloud infrastructure, AIC provides more flexible, secure, and cost-effective IT resource management in the industry.

J2024-01 Features:
24 x 12G SAS/SATA HDD bays
Hot-swap 500W 12V high-efficiency redundant power supply
Dual controller
Hot-swap fans

The most up-to-date 12G Redundancy JBOD

The most up-to-date 12G Redundancy JBOD

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