Merck inaugurates New Business R&D and Application Lab in Taiwan

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Merck announced that its New Business R&D and Application Lab is set to begin operations in Taiwan. The first in Asia to employ such wide-ranging and diversified technology, the Lab will provide key materials and first-rate technical services for the development of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) panels, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting, 3D technology and flexible displays. The Lab will help customers accelerate product development for these new technologies, shortening the time to market.

Taiwan enjoys a leading position in the production of notebook computers, smartphones, LCD televisions, semiconductors, and touch-control panels, Merck Executive Board member Bernd Reckmann said during the Lab's inaugural event. Taiwan also boasts a sound investment climate, outstanding human talent, and comprehensive industrial supply chains, he added.

"This island is the breeding ground for technological development and this is proven by such outstanding products as high contrast and high transmission panels (PS-VA), ultra-high-definition TV (4K2K), and the huge sizes of displays," Reckmann said. "We are confident that Taiwan will have a dominant position in the display and lighting industries of the future."

With the New Business R&D and Application Lab, Merck will make use of the cooperation and strong bonds it has always enjoyed with its customers and will seek to eliminate bottlenecks that prevent broad access to new technology.

The New Business R&D and Application Lab will enable Merck Display Technologies Ltd. to offer timely, more professional and innovative technology services to customers, said Merck's Taiwan Managing Director Dick Hsieh.

"Our development staff will provide immediate interaction with clients to understand their needs, solve their problems, and directly engage in supplying needs for materials," Hsieh said. "They will do tests in the shortest time possible, expedite communication and help reduce the time for developing new products. We will address urgent and complex issues even at midnight; Merck's team of experts in Europe also will spare no effort to promptly solve problems our clients may face. We look forward to supporting our customers by shortening their product development lead time by as much as one to one and a half years."

Realizing the concept of "Displaying Futures" program

The New Business R&D and Application Lab currently provides services for OLED panels, 3D technology, flexible displays, and LED lighting. The wide range of applications in which these products can be used in the future includes architecture, medicine, transportation, communications, and many more. OLEDs can be used for display panels and for lighting, setting new accents in interior decoration. In the future, smart phones will have flexible displays. In the field of medicine, flexible displays could store and display patients' medical histories, a more useful and environmentally friendly choice.

Together with its customers, Merck is fulfilling its vision of "Displaying the Future" in Taiwan.

About display materials from Merck

High-performance displays are fast, they save energy and produce razor-sharp images. Premium materials from Merck help LCDs to meet these complex requirements. Active for more than 40 years in display research and development, Merck is the innovation and market leader in this field, holding more than 2,500 patents. Apart from special liquid crystal mixtures, which are used in a wide range of display technologies, Merck also develops materials for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). In the field of organic electronics, Merck offers complete material solutions for organic thin film transistors in display applications. The portfolio also includes formulations with reactive mesogens, which are a key component of 3D displays. In addition, Merck's product range includes printable etching pastes for structuring touch panels in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. To make display surfaces less sensitive to scratches and more convenient to use, premium surface functions with anti-fingerprint and easy-to-clean properties are also possible with Merck materials. High quality phosphor materials for LED backlights make ultra-thin and energy-saving LCDs possible. Indeed, the majority of innovative displays contain products from Merck - from LCD televisions and notebooks to mobile telephones and tablet computers. For more information please see

About "Displaying Futures"

Merck successfully launched a series of Displaying Futures symposia that has been exploring patterns and creating a vital platform with events, publications and workshops to develop future scenarios from the perspective of architects, designers, artists and scientists. The Displaying Futures initiative reflects Merck's ambition to actively shape developments in this sector. For more information please see

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