Prodigit 2055 energy monitor and standby killer

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Save energy and money, everybody knows and wants to do it, people can unplug electronic appliances when they are not used, but it is not convenient, because people is people, people is not machine. People need a device which can provide power on demand, when people need to use electronic appliances, power come automatically; people don't use electronic appliances, power will be shut off automatically. No more standby power, no more waste energy, no more waste your money.

Recognizing this demand, Prodigit's new 2055 Energy Monitor and Standby Killer aims to empower people to make better decisions by "seeing" their energy usage. With its easy-to read LCD display, the 2055 Energy Monitor and Standby Killer helps you to monitor your energy use, you will know your appliances spend you how much money, and carbon dioxide emission, you also can understand AC power condition in Voltage, Amperage, Watt, Kilo-watt-hour and Elapsed time. Plug any electronic appliance into 2055 Energy Monitor and Standby Killer to see the true impact to your money and the environment.

PIR (Pyroelectric Passive Infrared) sensor detection is built-in 2055, PIR can detect human motion, so 2055 Energy Monitor and Standby Killer will know whether somebody in the PIR effective area, and combine known appliance's standby power which is measured automatically by first time appliance plug into 2055, to control AC power on or off automatically. When nobody in the PIR effective area and electronic appliance is in the standby power mode, after a certain user defined time interval (10 seconds to 2 hours), 2055 will shut down power to connected appliance-like TV, DVD player, video game console, home theater equipment, printer, copy machine...etc. If somebody in the PIR effective area, 2055 will be always on, if electronic appliance is used, 2055 will be always on, too.

The 2055 is easy to install and measure plug-in appliance standby power automatically within 40 seconds, user can adjust PIR detect effective area, from 15 feet (longest) to 1 feet, even turn off PIR function; user also can adjust its standby power level, and shut off power after a time interval you can select from 10 seconds to 2 hours. It will be easy for you to use in different places, for example, in Home, TV and home theater equipments will be remote control, 15 feet is suitable; in office, copy machine need you to touch it, 3 or 5 feet will be good. 2055 provides simple automation to reduce wasteful standby energy consumption. The 2055 is suitable for residential and workplace applications.

Besides 2055 can monitor power condition in Voltage, Amperage, Watt, Kilo-watt-hour and Elapsed time, how much money and carbon dioxide, 2055 also can tell you how much money you save, how much carbon dioxide you save, how many Kilo-watt-hour, Watt, Amperage you save, because 2055 knows the average standby power when it shut off and shut off period.

2058 Standby Killer is 2055 sister's product, it is 2055 without LCD display, and with user select 4 time interval-30 sec, 3 min, 30 min and 1 hour.

Save time, money and energy while you use 2055 and 2058. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Never turn your appliances on or off again!

About Prodigit Electronics Co., Ltd.

Prodigit, a private held company founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1986, is the recognized global leader in electronic load for power supply test solutions and plug in power monitor in residential and office applications.

Our diverse and full spectrum electronic loads, from 75W to 100KW, AC & DC loads, their application from tiny charger/adapter for handset, to larger scale fuel battery and solar PV inverter.

Prodigit also provide industrial-accurate plug in power monitor, graphic timer, saver, standby killer for home and office power save applications.

Headquarter located in new Taipei city, Taiwan, with office in Shen Zhen, Su Zhou in China, Global distribution can reach Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, and USA.

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