New iTouch Plus SAW touchscreen technology couples zero-bezel design with multi-touch functionality

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Taipei, Taiwan – May 20, 2011 – TE Connectivity announced today its iTouch Plus multi-touch touchscreen technology meets the Windows 7 multi-touch additional qualification requirements. The TE Touch Solutions business unit, a global leader in touchscreen technology, is exhibiting both the iTouch and iTouch Plus touchscreen technologies along with its extensive product portfolio at the 2011 Computex Taipei Exhibition May 31-June 4 at Taipei World Trade Center, hall# 1 booth# C732.

Continuous Innovation

"The TE surface acoustic wave (SAW) touchscreen technology has been a reliable and proven technology for over 20-years," says Bruno Thuillier, CTO TE Touch Solutions, "and we are continuously leveraging our core technologies to bring new, innovative solutions to market. These new zero-bezel SAW technologies join our extensive portfolio of touchscreen technologies, components, products and solutions developed to meet the changing needs and demands of our customers." "These new technologies are examples of our company's drive to develop key solutions that help our customers create better solutions for their customers. We've always put the needs of the customer first," Thuillier states, "and our success in responding to those needs creates new innovative technologies. We developed IntelliTouch SAW touch technology over twenty years ago, IntelliTouch Plus SAW multi-touch in 2010 because of customer demand, and now we've added iTouch zero-bezel SAW and iTouch Plus zero-bezel multi-touch SAW technologies to our portfolio for the same reason. Customers are looking for economical solutions that incorporate sleek, true-flat, frameless industrial designs while delivering state-of-the-art multi-touch performance."

iTouch and iTouch Plus Touchscreen Technologies

According to TE Touch Solutions Senior Product Line Manager Abul Nuruzzaman, iTouch and iTouch Plus zero-bezel SAW touchscreens are the result of optimizing tried and true technologies to enhance industrial design, touch performance and reliability, ease of touchscreen system integration, and bill of material cost. "Zero-bezel SAW offers a seamless, flat, frameless design coupled with customization capabilities where logos, clear icons and other enhancements can be added during the design cycle. Industrial designers are not limited by a bezel or frames that are inherent in other touch technologies such as camera or optical" says Nuruzzaman.

The SAW iTouch and iTouch Plus zero-bezel solutions offer a simple bill of material, a less complex manufacturing and touchscreen integration process, and less capital investment than projective capacitive technologies. This results in a more cost competitive touchscreen solution that is attractive to commodity managers. The iTouch Plus touchscreens have passed the Microsoft Windows 7 multi-touch additional qualification (AQ) testing. The same electronics can scale across a wide range of screen sizes, without performance degradation, which contributes to the iTouch touchscreen technologies being the choice of electrical and system engineers - without concern of design-in touch performance issues. Nuruzzaman confirms, "TE iTouch and iTouch Plus touch technologies are extremely reliable, providing peace of mind for quality engineers. SAW technology is proven in the industry for long-life applications with a near zero field return rate on touch technology related issues." This new technology is available today to OEMs who are looking for a reliable, frameless, cost competitive custom touchscreen solution.