Shuttle awarded 'Best of CES 2010'

Press release, January 15, Staff reporter, DIGITIMES 0

Shuttle received a "Best of CES 2010" award and was named by Computer Shopper as one of the top-10 products and technologies at the show in Las Vegas.

"CES has always been a place for forward-thinking companies to showcase their hottest new products, technologies, and game-changing innovations," said Nicolas Villalobos, Manager at Shuttle Computer Group in Los Angeles, "It's an honor to be a part of Shuttle's history in the making, and an even bigger honor to be recognized by media and industry insiders with this 'Best of CES 2010' award."

Computer Shopper awarded the honor of "Best of CES 2010" to Shuttle for its SPA strategy that was launched at the event.

"The biggest architectural difference between modern notebook and desktop PCs is the lack of universal sizing and connection standards for many notebook components, especially motherboards," wrote John A Burek, Editor in Chief at Computer Shopper, "Shuttle is hoping to bring some of that same standardization to the notebook world with its Shuttle PCB Assembly (SPA) initiative. The core of SPA is a pair of standard form factors for notebook motherboards."

"The idea here, with standardization, is to allow smaller notebook OEMs easier access to standardized parts and thus the ability to procure them in smaller quantities, less challenged by the bigger notebook makers' economies of scale," added Burek, "If SPA gets adopted by smaller notebook makers, it could portend a move toward more easily upgradeable notebooks, or, dare we hope for it, the build-your-own-notebook scenarios long sought by DIY-ers."