Experts and analysts discuss the opportunities and challenges from the arrival of 5G and AI at the "5GxAI Trends" seminar co-organized by Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of Taiwan and Digitimes.
Friday 20 December 2019
Telecom operators urged to undergo transformation to embrace 5G opportunities
With related 5G and AI technologies promising significant impacts to various industries, telecom operators not only have to enhance their basic infrastructure but also need to positively undergo transformation enabling them to innovate more value-added services, according to James Lee, vice president of carrier business at Far EasTone Telecommunication (FET).
Friday 20 December 2019
Large-scale deployments of mmWave 5G networks likely to be realized in 2020
Three major issues need to be taken into account for the assessment of market trends coming along with 5G: the deployment of mmWave 5G networks, the development of differentiated 5G services, and the feasibility of open networks, according to Benson Wu, an analyst at Digitimes Research.
Friday 20 December 2019
5GxAI applications to be widely used in 2020
High-speed transmission, wide coverage and low latency of 5G technology are expected to be integrated with AI cloud computing platforms and edge computing architecture for application to smart city, transportation, medical care and manufacturing in 2020, a consensus from experts attending a seminar jointly hosted by Monte Jade Science & Technology Association of Taiwan (MJSTA Taiwan) and Digitimes.
Friday 20 December 2019
Semiconductor tech to be more important in future 5G and AI applications
While 5G and AI will dominate new emerging tech applications to create cash flows for enterprises in the next decade, relevant semiconductor materials and technologies will not only serve as a market enabler but also affect the positions of players in the semiconductor market, according to Tony Huang, deputy director at Digitimes Research.
Friday 20 December 2019
AWS, Azure, GCP offer AIaaS to boost development of AI application
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have offered AIaaS (AI as a service) products to promote application of AI technologies through reducing technological barriers for developers of AI solutions, according to Digitimes Research analyst Joyce Chen.