DTF 2015 Embedded Technology Forum
DIGITIMES organized the Embedded Technology Forum focusing on IOT applications with embedded technology, and to discuss how to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving sector.
Friday 13 February 2015
GCR strengthens managed service provider concept to transform cloud solutions
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming product companies into service businesses. These companies are discovering that launching, managing, and expanding an IoT service comes with unique challenges. The adoption of cloud, analytics, Big Data, mobile, and social technologies compels solution providers and their partners to deliver increased business value. This pace of change shifts the landscape in terms of technology sales and implementation. Partner organizations that fail to maintain and enhance their employees' technical and sales skills will be unable to successfully apply the best technologies to match the evolving business requirements.
Friday 13 February 2015
AMD plots IoT innovation and new paths to the future through ambidexterity
At the recent Digitimes Embedded Technology Forum (DTF), Kamal Khouri, AMD marketing director of embedded solutions, delivered a keynote where he provided AMD's view on the challenges and opportunities represented by the expansion of smart devices and supporting IoT infrastructures. He also elaborated on roadmap highlights and development plans AMD has for delivering near- and mid-term computing solutions called "Ambidextrous computing." This new roadmap combines powerful graphics performance using a shared, flexible infrastructure to enable both the x86 and 64-bit ARM core ecosystems.
Friday 13 February 2015
Apacer comments on embedded SSD storage application trends
With higher reliability, greater capacity, comparable effective lower costs and faster read/write speeds, solid-state storage devices (SSD) are fast moving into embedded applications, leading both to more alternatives as well as a move toward standardizing interfaces. Robert J.C. Lee, Apacer senior director of R&D, remarked on three major factors that consumers and industrial-grade applications can consider when deciding to implement SSD solutions. They are reliability, performance and endurance.
Friday 13 February 2015
Mouser electronics uses MultiSIM BLUE free software tool to speed up IoT engineering design and performance optimization
Mouser Electronics, a Texas based company and part of the Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, is an authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 500 electronic component suppliers. Specializing in the rapid introduction of new products and technologies for design engineers and buyers, Mouser introduced an extensive product offering of MultiSIM BLUE software tools to help engineers speed up the process of selecting, purchasing and designing products during the recent at the recent Digitimes Embedded Technology Forum (DTF).
Thursday 12 February 2015
AMD brings future-proof solutions to IoT gateway
Everybody is talking about IoT, and a slog often heard these days is "IoT is everywhere". With the development of sensors, mobile devices, embedded systems and cloud servers, the technologies of IoT have been widely used in various industrial marketing sectors including emerging areas such as Smart City, Smart Grid and multiple other Smart Things in the world.
Thursday 12 February 2015
AMD ready for prime time with ambidextrous computing
Cameron Swen, segment marketing manager for medical applications in AMD's Embedded Solutions Division and Colin Cureton, senior manager of AMD's embedded product management team, spoke at the recent Digitimes Embedded Technology Forum (DTF) about working with customers and partners to help define the products and strategies necessary to meet the needs of a variety of embedded markets, and discussed how today's (and tomorrow's) powerful processors are helping businesses stay on top of these needs.
Thursday 12 February 2015
Cloud computing: Making the Internet of Things a reality
Cloud computing provides diverse services and applications delivered over the Internet using shared computing resources rather than local servers or personal devices. With cloud computing, users are able to access vast amounts of information directly 'through the cloud'. And because applications and data are stored remotely, all you need is a Web enabled device and an Internet connection.
Thursday 12 February 2015
InnoDisk smart flash memory storage solutions aiming for IoT devices
IoT devices, which have been receiving a great deal of attention from the global ICT industry have several major characteristics: versatility, reliability, security, small-size, mobility and connectivity.
Friday 6 February 2015
Nice and easy: IntervalZero speaks on cardless smart controllers
The need for optimal synchronization between command and execution systems is increasing as electronic forms of transmission replace face-to-face and paper-based transmissions. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the evolution of corporate networks the demand for solutions delivering deterministic, hard real-time functionality has soared.
Friday 6 February 2015
Embedded Technology Forum focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and strategies to effortlessly unlock embedded designs
The Internet of Things (IoT) has grown rapidly in just a few years from simply PCs connected to the Internet to one of the key technology trends of the future. After a burst of rapid growth, networked devices exceeded one million units in 2000, and in the years following, increasing demand saw the number of smartphones, 3G-connected tablets, notebooks and other Internet-capable devices causes a paradigm shift to the mobile computing era. By 2010, networked devices had exceeded 10 billion, and by 2014, the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) evolved and gained further recognition. It is predicted that growth will continue to flourish over the coming years.