DTF 2014 Mobile Summit
The Mobile Summit features experts from Broadcom, Corning, VIA Labs, Wilocity, Marvell, AverLogic, Silicon Image, and DTS to share their professional views and expertise regarding trends in the technological development of next-generation mobile devices.
Wednesday 2 July 2014
Your mobile everything ... on the big screen
People are now able to easily project their presentation slides, video streams, gaming scenes and other images from their smartphones/tablets onto a big-screen Ultra HD LCD TV and at the same have the mobile devices recharged. An IC design house mastering high frequency serial physical layer circuit design is making this possible with the emerging MHL 3.0 standard using the widely adopted micro USB connection cable in addition to the 60GHz WiHD transmission technology.
Monday 30 June 2014
Notebooks and tablets declining; wearable devices and IoT driving mobile industry in 2014
Since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, the industry has clearly moved toward the direction of mobile Internet. Shipments of tablets have exceeded those of notebooks, but the tablet growth has already lost its momentum. Smartphones and emerging wearable devices are still the focus of the mobile market. Platform providers' operation strategies and business models will determine whether they can continue to play a key role in the mobile Internet and Internet of Things (IoT) industry.
Friday 27 June 2014
Unifying mobile interfaces: The prospects of USB technology
USB 3.0 provides 5Gbps of data throughput, which is 10x faster than USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 provides additional power for charging mobile devices. It has been rapidly adopted into all mainstream PCs and many peripheral applications today. While USB 3.0 breaks new grounds and enables several new applications, there are still some areas where USB 3.0 does not provide enough performance, and that is when dealing with fast SSD and UHD video transmissions. With various other transmission interfaces, such as the MHL, HDMI, Display Port, Wi-Di/Wi-Gig, and Thunderbolt, facing challenges, the USB-IF has developed the next-generation USB 3.1 specification that provides a 10Gbp transmission speed and has also developed a new USB connector specification called Type-C that is optimized for mobile devices. The new connector is able to provide enhanced video and audio transmissions as well as increasing the charging current. With the combination of USB 3.1 and the new connector, mobile devices may become unified with a common interface.
Friday 27 June 2014
Integration with cloud and mobile technologies: The next step for the security and surveillance industry
The video surveillance industry, which is closely tied to security in our everyday lives, is currently undergoing a transition from traditional analog CCTV to digital IP camera technologies. The surveillance industry is also showing a clear trend toward mobile applications, wireless applications, as well as home-oriented applications. The primary goal for the current video surveillance industry is to find a way to secure key components and software/hardware integration technologies, incorporate integrated software and cloud services, integrate tablets and mobile phones, and to penetrate into the average home, thereby making mobile applications even more widespread.
Thursday 26 June 2014
Welcome the endless possibilities of wireless applications for connected homes in the future
People's living environments have changed from the ancient caves to the buildings, mansions, and skyscrapers along with the evolution of the technological civilization. Homes are no longer just shelters or recreation areas for listening to music or watching TV. We have now entered a new era where low-cost, low-power, high-density, miniaturized wireless connectivity solutions are the norm. We can combine all ICT devices at home using multi-screen cloud applications, such as those for automatic appliances, remote voice and gesture control, and wearable devices. These innovations will give birth to more wireless applications and create unlimited business opportunities.
Thursday 26 June 2014
Creating a smart lifestyle through a vision of smart life
Marvell Semiconductor who started up in hard drive controller has actively expanded its procut porfolio of storage devices, networking and communications, connectivity, mobile communications and consumer electronics. It has been offering software and hardware designs for six types of end devices for five categories of cloud, providing completed services for silicon component vendors, manufacturers, software developers, as well as system integrators, in achieving its "Smart Life and Smart Lifestyle" vision.
Thursday 26 June 2014
Mobile immediacy and immediate mobile: The latest trends in mobile device technology and market changes
From the Xiaomi tablet running on NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor to Asus' 5-in-1 Transformer notebook, a new mobile device specification war is raging. The various new technologies, such as 4K Ultra HD, USB 3.1 Type C, 802.11ac, WiGig, and WiHD will bring new technological challenges to product developers. In collaboration with the organizer of Computex Taipei 2014, Digitimes organized the "DTF2014 Mobile Summit" on June 4 at the Taipei International Convention Center. There were guest speakers from Broadcom, Marvell, VIA Lab, Wilocity, Corning, AverLogic, Silicon Image, and DTS, discussing a wide range of topics. They analyzed technology and applications trends, showing R&D engineers how they could incorporate the latest mobile technologies and designs into their product developments.