Friday 31 May 2024
Zhen Ding prepares for advanced developments, discusses AI server opportunities
Charles Shen, Chairperson of Zhen Ding, the major PCB company, stated that the first half of 2024, as in previous years, is the off-season for operations. However, compared to the lower point in the same period of 2023, there will still be annual growth. Shen emphasized that 2024 is a year of operational recovery for Zhen Ding, and the company will continue to implement its strategy of "aiming global, aiming high."
Friday 31 May 2024
India sees third consecutive year of declining FDI inflows
In the past fiscal year, India experienced a decline in FDI inflows due to external factors and domestic investment saturation.
Friday 31 May 2024
Chinese CIS suppliers expand presence in high-end smartphone market
The Chinese semiconductor industry, including the CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) segment, is finding more room for development in the domestic market with the sudden rise of the Chinese smartphone and Electric Vehicle (EV) industries.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Samsung's new chip chief seeks to rally troops after setbacks
The new head of Samsung Electronics Co.'s semiconductor division urged employees to work their way past challenges in the business, making his first remarks to staff after the surprise departure of his predecessor last week.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Google to invest US$2 billion in Malaysia, build data center
Google committed to making $2 billion in investments in Malaysia, including developing its first data center and a cloud facility.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Groundhog Technologies eyes growth in Southeast Asia as 5G expands
Groundhog Technologies, an AI software firm specializing in the telecommunications sector, predicts that the primary growth drivers for 2024-2025 will emerge from high-population regions like Southeast Asia, as 5G adoption accelerates in Europe, the US, and various Asian markets.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Samsung boosts workforce at Japan R&D lab to drive chips packaging innovations
Samsung Electronics has recently expanded its workforce deployment at its new packaging R&D base in Yokohama, Japan, to expedite construction and support the development of next-generation semiconductor packaging technologies.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Sony adjusts CIS production expansion schedule; equipment investment reduced for next three years
Sony's semiconductor business division, primarily focused on CMOS Image Sensors (CIS), plans to reduce its equipment investment amount in the next three fiscal years from 2024 to 2026 (April 2024 to March 2027) by about 30% compared to the previous three-year mid-term plan.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Automotive LED supplier Brightek sees rebounding orders from Chinese NEV market
As China's automotive market plunges into intense internal price competition, Brightek Optoelectronic Co. focuses on automotive LED products as the main driver of its operational growth.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Following in BOE's footsteps, Visionox announces 8.6-gen OLED investment
China's panel industry is accelerating its venture into the IT OLED market.
Thursday 30 May 2024
India reportedly plans to implement import quota for notebooks in October
India introduced an import management system for imported notebooks and tablets, which displeased major exporters.
Thursday 30 May 2024
China mulling CNY6 billion to boost all-solid-state battery R&D
The Chinese government will likely take action to retain the country's leading position in the battery sector. State-owned media reported that China may offer CNY6 billion (US$844 million) to six major battery and EV makers to facilitate all-solid-state battery R&D.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Malaysia plots US$5.3 billion roadmap to build advanced chip ecosystem
Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced the National Semiconductor Strategy (NSS), with the government allocating MYR25 billion (US$5.3 billion) to foster industry development.
Thursday 30 May 2024
SDC, LGD simultaneously approved for iPhone 16 Pro OLED production
Samsung Display (SDC) and LG Display (LGD) have reportedly received mass production approval for Apple's iPhone 16 Pro OLED panels simultaneously. This development is anticipated to assist LGD in closing the gap with SDC in the iPhone OLED supply chain.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Google to launch affordable smartphone in India
Google announced plans to launch an affordable Android One smartphone in India, suggesting it may not partner with Reliance Jio for smartphone development. Google is expected to ramp up its made-in-India efforts to compete in this highly competitive market.
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