Hon Hai Precision Industry
Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn) is the largest EMS company in Taiwan. EV is one of the most important products of the company. By establishing an open EV platform (MIH), Hon Hai aims to develop a framework and aggregate industry players in related fields. Through MIH, it has built a strong supply chain network with global EV industry players. Its partners include Fisker, an EV startup, Taiwan Luxgen Motor, Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT), the Indonesian Ministry of Investment, and Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund. In addition to MIH, Hon Hai has power semiconductor. Its mass production capabilities in automotive display allow the company to continue investing in electric drive and control, and self-driving technologies. As a non-traditional Tier1 company, Hon Hai intends to build a standardized and large-scale production model in IT industry for EV industry.
Business Info
IndustryTech Products and Equipment
Place of ResidenceTaiwan
Market Cap - End of 2022 ($M) 45,067
2021 Revenue ($M)214,657
Rank of 2021 Revenue3
2021 Profit ($M)4,990
Rank of 2021 Profit8