Geely is China's third largest car manufacturer and the biggest automotive local brand, with annual sales of more than a million units. It was listed in Fortune 500 in 2012. In recent years, Geely has been quite active in expanding to overseas markets by acquisition of Volvo, Lotus, Proton, Renault Korea Motors and other foreign carmakers’ stakes. It has been involved in EV development since 2013. In 2019, it launched EV brand, Geometry, targeting the mid- to low-end market, then Keekr, a high-end vehicle, and Livan, aimed at the battery-swapping market. Geely has invested in research and development of technologies for battery, motor, and electric control system and have also acquired self-driving and intelligent cockpit technologies by investing in chip companies.
Business Info
IndustryAutomotive Manufacturing
Place of ResidenceChina (incl. Hong Kong)
Market Cap - End of 2022 ($M) 14,695
2021 Revenue ($M)15,759
Rank of 2021 Revenue65
2021 Profit ($M)752
Rank of 2021 Profit64