Samsung Electronics
Harman International, acquired by Samsung in 2017, is the world's leading supplier of intelligent cockpits. Harman has also recently started to develop ADAS solutions, offering park assist, external monitoring, in-cabin monitoring systems and other applications. In Feb 2022, Harman acquired German company Apostera to integrate MR technology into intelligent cockpit. Samsung Electronics is also the second largest CIS supplier in the world after Sony, with ISOCELL Auto as its automotive CIS brand. Samsung's processor Exynos also offers SoC products for intelligent cockpit. Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, provides in-car displays.
Business Info
IndustryTech Products and Equipment
Place of ResidenceSouth Korea
Market Cap - End of 2022 ($M) 262,796
2021 Revenue ($M)243,922
Rank of 2021 Revenue2
2021 Profit ($M)34,180
Rank of 2021 Profit1