Hyundai Motor
Hyundai is one of the top five carmakers in the world, with annual sales of more than 3 million units, and together with Kia Motors, the company’s annual sales can reach 6 million units. At the end of 2021, Hyundai was reported that it no longer developed engines and would focus on electric vehicles, with a target of 840,000 EVs by 2026. The company is working with its subsidiary Mobis, a Tier 1 supplier, to develop technologies such as self-driving and intelligent cockpit. In addition, the company has hydrogen fuel cells used in commercial vehicles for sales.。
Business Info
IndustryAutomotive Manufacturing
Place of ResidenceSouth Korea
Market Cap - End of 2022 ($M) 25,683
2021 Revenue ($M)102,723
Rank of 2021 Revenue6
2021 Profit ($M)4,351
Rank of 2021 Profit10