Gree Electric Appliances
Gree Electric was originally called Zhuhai City Haili Cooling Engineering in 1989, then it was renamed Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai in 1991. The company's main business operations cover household air conditioners, central air conditioning systems, household appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, commercial water dispensers and more. It also provides smart home and smart building solutions, including energy, air, health, and security lighting solutions.
Business Info
IndustryConsumer Electronics
Place of ResidenceChina (incl. Hong Kong)
Market Cap - End of 2022 ($M) 26,383
2021 Revenue ($M)29,419
Rank of 2021 Revenue34
2021 Profit ($M)3,580
Rank of 2021 Profit16