TCL Technology
TCL Group and was renamed TCL Technology in 2020. Its main products include TVs, audio electronics, and smart phones. TCL Technology's global TV sales figure is among the highest. The company's subsidiaries include China Star Optoelectronics Technology; TCL Multimedia; a business group that covers communications, home appliances, components, logistics, and services; as well as a business group that engages in real estate and investments. TCL Technology has 22 production sites and 28 R&D centers and labs around the world; its business operations cover more than 160 countries and regions.
Business Info
IndustryConsumer Electronics
Place of ResidenceChina (incl. Hong Kong)
2021 Revenue ($M)25,387
Rank of 2021 Revenue39
2021 Profit ($M)1,557
Rank of 2021 Profit35