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WinHEC 2008 Taipei
WinHEC is the only Microsoft conference that is exclusively focused on designing PCs, servers, and devices that run and interface with Windows. This year, Microsoft has included Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded devices into the conference agenda.

Microsoft unveiled the latest developments for Windows 7 at WinHEC 2008 Taipei, including specifications, the user-friendly Multi-Touch interface and USB 3.0.
Tuesday 13 January 2009
WinHEC 2008: Quanta Computer wins innovation award for Optical Touch technology
Quanta Computer's design of an Optical Touch Display that highlights the features of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 platform won the company a WinHEC 2008 Award for Innovation at...
Tuesday 13 January 2009
WinHEC 2008: Acer Aspire Predator desktop PC scoops design award
During the recently concluded WinHEC 2008, the futuristic looking Acer Aspire Predator G7000 series desktop PC was chosen for a WinHEC 2008 award based on its distinctive industrial...
Thursday 8 January 2009
WinHEC 2008: Acer combines the latest CE technologies into a notebook
After introducing of its first notebook featuring Dolby Digital in 2006, Acer has again implanted the latest consumer electronics technologies into its notebook product line this...
Monday 5 January 2009
WinHEC 2008: Acer Aspire One meets portable connectivity needs
The compact and lightweight Acer Aspire One integrates basic computing features and connectivity, winning itself a WinHEC 2008 Award. The Aspire One is an Intel Atom-based netbook...
Monday 5 January 2009
WinHEC 2008: Quanta's brand dream comes alive in Syspine VoIP phone system
Quanta Computer's own brand Syspine VoIP phone system has won a WinHEC 2008 award in the industrial design category. Quanta and Microsoft spent three years developing this IP telephony...
Monday 29 December 2008
WinHEC 2008: Asustek goes for green with N-series notebooks
The N20 notebook series developed by Asustek Computer has won a WinHEC 2008 award in the Green category because of its eco-friendly design.
Friday 26 December 2008
WinHEC 2008: Inventec KJS S32 UMPC awarded for connectivity
The Kohjinsha (KJS) S32 UMPC, developed by Inventec, has won a WinHEC 2008 award in the Internet category because of its connectivity integration. The 7-inch device supports 3.5G,...
Friday 26 December 2008
WinHEC 2008: VIA sticks to low-power solutions
During the time when CPU players were searching for ways to break the highest frequencies possible, VIA Technologies decided to steer its CPU development in a completely different...
Thursday 25 December 2008
WinHEC 2008: PocketCinema V10 from Aiptek wins Judges Choice award
While three Taiwan companies – Aiptek, Acer and Ipevo – were all awarded WinHEC Awards in the Media & Entertainment category at the recently concluded WinHEC 2008,...
Wednesday 24 December 2008
WinHEC 2008: Ipevo demos Internet-connected digital photo frame
Taiwan-based start-up Ipevo believes the Internet has outgrown the PC, and guided by that philosophy, the company has developed a number of products, including the Kaleido R7 wireless...
Friday 12 December 2008
WinHEC Taipei 2008: Aiptek handheld projectors to continue improving
With Aiptek International's PocketCinema V10 handheld projector winning the WinHEC award for media and entertainment, the company chairman, Peter Chen pointed out that this is not...
Thursday 11 December 2008
WinHEC Taipei 2008: Quanta showcases new touch screen technology for Windows 7
Quanta Computer recently showcased a new touch screen technology - Optical Touch – that will be compatible with Microsoft Windows 7.
Thursday 11 December 2008
Huawei unveils Windows 7-enabled 3.5G mobile modules
China-based Huawei Technologies has come with a built-in 3.5G mobile module that supports Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 OS (operating system), according to company representatives...
Wednesday 10 December 2008
Microsoft shows pre-beta Windows 7 to Taiwan partners at WinHEC Taipei 2008
Microsoft unveiled a pre-beta version of its Windows 7 to its Taiwan-based hardware partners at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) Taipei 2008 on December 9, according...
Tuesday 9 December 2008
Microsoft WinHEC Awards target Taiwan-made products
Microsoft, for the first time, offers WinHEC (Windows Hardware Engineering Conference) Awards in five categories for competition by Taiwan-based producers and/or vendors of Windows-enabled...