What company executives say at Computex 2013
Executives talk about their companies, products and the markets.
Thursday 6 June 2013
Enabling IoT through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Q&A with Broadcom marketing director Jeff Baer
Just before Computex 2013, Digitimes spoke with Jeff Baer, marketing director for Embedded Wireless, Wireless Connectivity Combo at Broadcom to find out more about Broadcom's push...
Thursday 6 June 2013
Tougher Gorilla: Q&A with Corning executive David R Velasquez
Leading cover glass manufacturer Corning has been continuing to expand its influence in the cover glass industry through high-end products such as its Gorilla Glass series. The company's...
Wednesday 5 June 2013
It's not just about silicon: Intel VP Jason Chen talks up the company's more veritical approach with ultra-mobile devices
Jason LS Chen is a vice president in the Sales and Marketing Group at Intel and is responsible for all sales and marketing activities for Intel in Taiwan. As country manager, he supports...
Wednesday 5 June 2013
Make good products and growth will come naturally: Q&A with Gigabyte notebook team
Despite being one of the market leaders in the motherboard and graphics card industries, Gigabyte Technology is relatively unknown as a notebook player. Digitimes recently sat down...
Wednesday 5 June 2013
Digital power supply: Q&A with Compuware executive
While natural resources are being drained slowly, energy costs are rising and demand for advanced power supply options is increasing. One of these options is digital power supply,...
Wednesday 5 June 2013
Eyeing the gaming market: Q&A with ECS executive Sam Yeh
As many motherboard players have started paying attention to the gaming market, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), as a major motherboard vendor, is also set to expand its gaming...
Tuesday 4 June 2013
Bringing 802.11ac to the mainstream: Broadcom VP Rahul Patel talks up 5G Wi-Fi
Demand for video, especially high-definition video, is pushing players in the mobile telecom industry to continually seek new ways to increase bandwidth. On the network side, telecoms...
Tuesday 4 June 2013
Focused on mobile storage and peripherals: Q&A with Carry Tech president Taron Chang
Once chiefly known as an OEM for PC card readers and memory modules, Carry Technology has expanded its product portfolio to include Wi-Fi products and other peripherals for mobile...
Tuesday 4 June 2013
Gigabyte to stay competitive by expanding existing advantages: Q&A with Gigabyte executives
With the motherboard industry reaching maturity and competition growing fierce, as the world's second ranked brand vendor, Gigabyte Technology has been aggressively trying to stay...