Samsung and Korea
A series of commentary by DIGITIMES Asia president Colley Hwang on Samsung and South Korea's development and outlook in the IT industry.
Wednesday 29 September 2021
Samsung: The possibility of a 'star alliance'
Samsung sold nearly 300 million handsets in 2019, a number Samsung regards as its last line of defense, hoping to sell no less than 300 million handsets a year to sustain its business...
Tuesday 28 September 2021
Samsung: A sworn enemy of Taiwan firms?
Is Samsung a sworn enemy of Taiwanese businessmen? From the wafer foundry point of view, the answer is perhaps "yes." From the perspectives of other products, then it needs to be...
Monday 27 September 2021
Samsung: Real foundry competitor could be Intel
Answering calls from the US government to take back control of the supply chain, Intel is seeking to partner with Qualcomm and Amazon in a bid to reshape the wafer foundry industry...
Friday 24 September 2021
Samsung: Seeking better customer structure and node process breakthroughs
TSMC, Intel and Samsung continue to compete for the leadership in more advanced technologies beyond 7nm node. Samsung has already foretold that it will mass produce for 4nm technology...
Thursday 23 September 2021
Samsung: Uphill battle in foundry business?
According to market research reports, the global wafer foundry market size was about US$82 billion in 2020, with TSMC having a 55% global market share, and Samsung taking only 15%...
Wednesday 22 September 2021
Samsung and Korea: Wolves of the North
Since the 1970s, Taiwan and South Korea have been parallelly developing semiconductor and new-geneation IT industries. The national conditions and industrial strength of the two countries...