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  • Senao Networks chairman Tommy Tsai
    Taiwan-based communications equipment maker Senao Networks is planning to significantly boost monthly pays for new production workers in order to smoothen recruitment of new workforce at a planned new plant in northern Taiwan, according to company chairman Tommy Tsai.
  • Acer founder Stan Shih
    K-Best Technology, a subsidiary of Acer, is gearing up efforts to develop new IoT devices and applications based on its newly developed new LoRa technology, dubbed Super Taiwan Radio (Super TaiRa), that is able to address the current LoRa equivalents' major shortcoming of being easily to be interfered,...
  • The market of low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) expanded robustly in 2018 with its global connections growing 109% on year to 78.9 million units last year, driven by a solid expansion of cellular LPWA (mainly NT-IoT/eMTC) technology, according to an estimate of Digitimes Research.
  • As millimeter wave (mmWave) is likely to serve as the first frontier technology to mobilize Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) applications in the 5G commercial market from 2019-2020, Qualcomm is actively deploying in the mmWave sector in order to maintain its technology advantage, according to Digitimes...
  • Qualcomm and MediaTek have both introduced their new 802.11ax chip solutions to support Wi-Fi 6 devices, seeking to secure a preemptive presence in both enterprise and household network chips markets in the 5G era.
  • networking
    As part of their efforts to embrace the 5G era, many Taiwan network equipment makers including Sercomm, Zyxel Communications and Wistron NeWeb (WNC) are showcasing the latest 5G and IoT communications equipment and solutions at CES 2019
  • MediaTek is showcasing at CES 2019 its latest technology for its automotive chip brand Autus, which it says brings innovative solutions to the automotive industry in four major areas including in-vehicle communication systems, in-vehicle infotainment systems, vision advanced driver assistance systems...
  • Super TaiRa Alliance inaugurated
    Taiwan-based K-Best Technology, a supplier of RF/microwave equipment, has newly developed an independent low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) wireless communication technology, dubbed Super TaiRa (Taiwan Radio), and also initiated the formation of an alliance with government, academic and industrial...
  • Intel unveils computing innovations at CES 2019
    Intel made several announcements spanning PCs and new devices to diverse growth segments including artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and autonomous driving, at a pre-CES show.
  • With China-US trade tensions expected to continue heating up in 2019, the Taiwan government has worked out measures for five major industries to help them cushion the impacts.
  • Networking device maker Zinwell expects its transition to the development of CPE (consumer premises equipment) devices and powerline adapters to grow significantly in 2019, according to company chairman Jack Huang.
  • Firms in the optical communications supply chain have already started small-volume shipments catering to telecom carriers building 5G infrastructures, according to industry sources.
  • 5g
    While being positive about the medium- and long-term prospects of the 5G industry, most Taiwan's compound semiconductor makers, with respect to the short-term outlook, expect stronger demand for power amplifiers for various types of base stations in 2019 than handset related applications.
  • The US-China trade war, a key threat to the global economy in 2018, will continue to play a pivotal role in 2019. But what does it mean to the world's biggest manufacturer and market, and to the ICT industries in the neighboring tech-savvy island across the Taiwan Strait?
  • 5g
    While global telecom operators are seeking to lower installation costs for 5G networks, inexpensive x86 servers are expected to replace traditional central office equipment bearing high prices and special specs, prompting Quanta Computer to step up promoting sales of its servers adopting Intel x86...
  • Networking device maker Hitron Technologies plans to issue up to 100 million new shares aiming to solicit new strategic partners through private placement, according to a company announcement.
  • Networking device makers Accton Technology and Sercomm have both reported strong sales for November, buoyed by inventory build-ups by clients amid US-China trade disputes.
  • Alex Katouzian, Qualcomm senior VP of mobile
    Qualcomm has unveiled its Snapdragon 855 mobile platform to enable commercial 5G networks and mobile devices in early 2019.
  • The trade war between the world's two economic giants has lasted over a year since the US Trade Representative Office initiated in August 2017 a Section 301 investigation into imports from China. But it is difficult for both sides to resolve the trade conflicts, judging from the differences between...
  • ATrack to begin shipping 4G LTE trackers to Canada
    GPS tracker device maker ATrack Technology has won a bid to supply its 4G LTE satellite positioning trackers to one of the top-three power companies in Canada with shipments to start soon, according to company sources.
  • EZconn
    Optical communication products maker EZconn expects the arrival of the 5G era will help maintain its sales momentum in the next 3-5 years, as significantly more base stations will be constructed compared to those needed in the 4G age, according to company sources.
  • Networking device provider Unizyx Holding has reported its fourth consecutive quarterly losses of NT$165 million (US$5.35 million) for the third quarter of 2018. EPS for the quarter was negative NT$0.38.
  • hitron
    Cable CPE and DOCSIS module maker Hitron Technologies expects its sales and profits to further improve in the fourth quarter of 2018 thanks to increasing orders from its clients in the US and an easing of component prices, according to company chairman David Cheng.
  • Optical transceiver module maker PCL Technologies expects its sales to rebound strongly in the fourth quarter of 2018 following a slump a quarter earlier when some of its shipments were delayed due to labor shortages at its plant in China.
  • Security software developer Trend Micro and industrial communication/networking device maker Moxa have signed an MoU to establish TXOne Networks, a joint venture for developing information security solutions for smart manufacturing, smart city, smart energy and other industrial IoT areas, according...

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