Japan-Korea trade tensions
Japan has tightened control on exports of some semiconductor and display materials to Korea, impacting Samsung and other Korean firms.
Wednesday 14 August 2019
Asustek not expecting much impact from rising component prices in 2H19
Asustek Computer willl not be much impacted by a likely rally in prices for memory chips, LCD panels and other components in the second half of 2019 as the hikes will only have short-term...
Tuesday 6 August 2019
Memory spot prices to continue rally
Spot market prices for DRAM and NAND flash memory will continue rallying in the short term, driven by the ongoing trade disputes between Japan and South Korea, as well as suppliers'...
Tuesday 23 July 2019
Memory backend firms see clear order visibility throughout 4Q19
Taiwan-based memory backend specialists have seen clear order visibility through the fourth quarter of 2019, as they have directly or indirectly tapped into the supply chains of major...
Monday 22 July 2019
Chipmakers stepping up transition to 96-layer 3D NAND process
Chipmakers are aggressively improving their new 96-layer 3D NAND process yield rates, looking to have the technology become the mainstream in 2020, according to industry sources.
Thursday 18 July 2019
BOE tipped as strong contender for Apple OLED panel orders
Taiwan's supply chain makers in the flat panel industry are likely to benefit from the simmering trade row between Japan and Korea which could upend Samsung Display's monopoly role...
Wednesday 17 July 2019
Japan export control to have limited impact on Samsung foundry biz
Japan's tighter export control on photoresists and two other critical materials used in South Korea's high-tech sector are unlikely to benefit TSMC much given the relatively small...
Tuesday 16 July 2019
Memory modules makers mulling 10-15% hike on SSD prices
Taiwan memory modules makers including Adata Technology, Phison Electronics and Team Group are mulling a 10-15% hike in SSD prices and enforcing a limited-supply policy amid growing...
Friday 12 July 2019
Topco says it sells Japan-sourced photoresist to clients only in Taiwan, China
Taiwan-based Topco Scientific, a distributor of semiconductor materials, has clarified that it will supply Japan-sourced photoresist and other related semiconductor materials to clients...
Friday 12 July 2019
Korea DRAM suppliers show no sign of cutting production, but price increases to depend on inventory levels
There has been no sign indicating that Korea-based DRAM suppliers are cutting their output, despite recent speculation claiming Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are doing so, according...
Thursday 11 July 2019
Japan trade restrictions on Korea to impact global industrial development, says AUO chairman
Any form of trade war, such as Japan's restrictions on exports of key chemical materials to Korea, will have a negative impact on global industrial development, as each of the players...
Thursday 11 July 2019
DRAM outlook for 3Q19 remains uncertain, says Nanya
DRAM chipmakers are still trapped by excess inventories, although inventory levels at their customers have already come down, according to Nanya Technology president Pei-Ing Lee.
Tuesday 9 July 2019
Samsung reportedly mulling 10% hike for NAND flash prices
NAND flash prices are expected to rebound in the near future, as Samsung Electronics is reportedly considering raising its quotes by as much as 10% and other peer makers including...
Friday 5 July 2019
No immediate impact seen from Japan control on key chemicals shipments to Korea
Starting July 4, the Japan government has tightened controls on exports of three key semiconductor chemicals to South Korea, but Korean semiconductor firms may not face immediate...