Inland China no longer a paradise for the notebook industry?
The China government has recently started evaluating tax cuts and subsidies that its province governments are providing to enterprises and is expected to affect Taiwan’s notebook supply chain, which had been shifting their production to inland China to save costs.
Tuesday 23 December 2014
China government tightens tax incentives, subsidies to enterprises
China's State Council has recently ordered its local governments to fully re-inspect their existing subsidy and tax-cut programs for enterprises and they will also need to receive...
Monday 22 December 2014
China government to end financial aids to LED makers
China's State Council (central government) has ordered its subordinate agencies and local governments to stop offering subsidies and tax incentives for China-based LED epitaxial wafer...
Tuesday 9 December 2014
Notebook supply chain mulling shift back to production plants in China coastal areas
Notebook supply chain players have recently started considering a return to their original production hubs in coastal cities of Southeastern China such as Kunshan since the Chongqing...
Wednesday 2 July 2014
Innolux to shift 25-30% of manufacturing capacity in China back to Taiwan, says report
Innolux will shift roughly 25-30% of its manufacturing capacity in China back to Taiwan in order to speed up production and increase panel yields, according to an Economic Daily...
Wednesday 11 June 2014
IPC makers looking to move production back to Taiwan
Taiwan-based industrial PC (IPC) makers have started considering moving their production lines back to Taiwan as China's increasing labor costs have started creating pressure on the...