Fluctuating fate of ultrabooks
Although notebook vendors were optimistic about the demand for ultrabooks, Acer's change in its ultrabook strategy is expected to bring more fluctuation to the ultrabook market.
Friday 27 April 2012
Intel seeks help from supply chain in response to changes in Acer ultrabook plans
As Acer has announced plans to reduce the proportion of ultrabooks in its total notebook shipments from 25-30% to 12-20% for 2012, Intel has already begun to seek help from the upstream...
Friday 27 April 2012
Acer to reenter world top-3 PC vendor rankings, says chairman
Acer saw its business operations significantly improve in the first quarter of 2012 and expects continued improvement quarter by quarter through the year. As a result the company...
Thursday 26 April 2012
Notebook vendors to push ultra-like notebook models
The high prices of second-generation ultrabooks which are set to appear in early June of around US$1,000 are unlikely to help them win-over consumers; therefore, notebook vendors...
Friday 20 April 2012
Intel supports China-based makers to promote ultrabooks
Intel, in line with its promotion of ultrabooks, has offered technological and/or financial support for China-based makers to help them join the Ultrabook Ecosystem Community, according...